A Vote For Bourdex Is A Vote For Change – Ejindu Mang


Ejindu Mang is a prominent son of Abiriba, AFN had a media chat with him concerning the forth coming Abia North Senatorial Rerun election and it was revealing.

Enjoy the chat :-

Can we know you sir? 


My name is Ejindu Mang from Abiriba, The former President of A.C.I.U (Abriba Communional Improvement Union) and currently the Chairman Committee for Economic Empowerment for A.C.I.U. I am also The Chief Execute of EJIMANG CO. Ltd, the manufacturer of Kalaria Pure Water in Aba, Abia State.


How can you assess Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu and Mao Ohuabunwa considering the forth coming election? 

Ouk was the governor of Abia State for 8years, examine his track records as the chief execution of Abia State from 2000 to 2008 for security. Ouk gave us Bakasi. Jobs he gave is Inaga (Motor Bikes for Transportation), Roads that did not stand the test of time, Sanitation was the worst and for Patriotism to state you have to swear to Okija shrine. His commissioners had no budget and power. He ran Abia State as his company, and dissolved cabinets at will, loyalty was more important to ideas. To crown it all, he gave us Ochendu T.A Orji that continued the loot. We never had local government election during T. A Orji term. There was no accountability to the people and state. Secondly, Sen. Mao Ohuabunwa  was a House of Representative member for 8years from Arochukwu. He has no track record on any bill he had sponsored and passed, also he has not effected any meaningful change in the life of Abia North people. The road to Aro is nothing to write home about, it takes a whole day to travel to Aro because the road is destroyed. He has not delivered to the people in areas of security, jobs and education. 


Then what is your take on Chief David Onuoha Ogba (Bourdex)? 

David Onuoha (Bourdex) is a self-made man, after his early education, served his master making traditional apprenticeship of the ancient Abiriba Kingdom. He set up his company and has done well for himself and our state. He powered Bourdex Telecom in the 90’s, thereby putting mobile phones in the hands of eastern. He created jobs in Aba and this facilitate comerence. Bourdex is a philanthropist having dogged borehole in many parts of Abiriba. He helped to finance the Ultra-modern Health delivery center at Akalafor Joint hospital in Abiriba. 


Some within this three main contestants, which should Abia north people look out for? 

David Onuoha Ogba is the one to look out for. He won before and will win again, all things being equal. He has the grassroots support and the people of Abia North senatorial district, deserve a chance to reap the benefits of democracy, through effective and efficient representative in the red chambers. David Onuoha Ogba is a good man, he likes equality and foreplay, and he is also Self-educated with a masters in political science. He is ready for the job of representing Abia North as he knows the area well. He is a people’s person, meaning that he is very likeable and works well with others. Quite witty and can think on his feet, above all listens to suggestions and a hard worker.


We heard Chief David is a proud man, not accessible and may not represent the people well? 

Being proud is not being arrogant. Proud comes from self-worth. It’s a virtue not a vice. Abia North is a proud district and her people deserve a proud son to represent them. Bourdex is a proud son of Abia North and has been honored with tittles to devote same. He is quite approachable and listens to all. If he doesn’t, he wouldn’t have gotten this far in life, being a business man demands listening to others and also being listened to, and remember, you do not do business by yourself but with others. We Nigerians run a representative government as a senator he is representing the people of Abia North senatorial district. The interest hopes and aspirations, he understands them. He understands that Abia North has been abandoned by the federal government and there is nothing to show after the civil war ended 46years ago in Abia North. The hospitals are not there. Bad roads, federal and state, there is no hope for the youth. David Onuoha Ogba is the people’s choice because he cannot be bribed, cannot sale out to special interests and has not abandoned his people ever. He lives in Abiriba for the past 3 years. I am convinced that he will make a great senator that we never had.


What is your final say? 

A vote for David Onuoha Ogba A.K.A Bourdex is a vote for change. For the benefits of democracy. For restoration of our infrastructure after the civil war, it’s for time representation, uprightness and for the fear of God. He will help to restore hope to our faith by enabling federal government build federal trade schools for skill acqusitions in our area, open our water ways in Ohafia for Commerce, bring federal transformers to the region for rural election treatment amd make sure that Abia North is the federal budget yearly. He cannot be excluded overlooked or disregarded. He will fight for his people. This is Bourdex!!!

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    Abia North needs you

  3. Chima James says

    Abia north needs ouk

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  5. Jude Okoye says

    He is the man! Orji, and ohuabunwa are Bulshit

  6. Lizzy Onuoha says

    We Need Change Bourdex

  7. Enyinna Hope says

    Hahaha…..una never see something…a vote fr bordex is a vote for death

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  9. Prince Church Adu says

    Kalu is a thief.,,

  10. Chima James says

    .abia north youth assembly have agreed on ouk he’s our choice

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    Mao Mao Mao Mao Mao Mao Mao Mao Mao Mao Mao Mao Mao Mao Mao Mao .no other option.only Mao we know tell it to all your family members. Mao Mao Mao Mao Mao Mao Mao Mao

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    Ouk is the man I need now

    1. Mike Akpara says

      Ebony I hear you. Orji ios the man you need but not the man Abia North need. He aint going anywhere

  14. Michael Kalu Onwuka says

    Good talking.

  15. Henry O U Nwams says

    We need you.

    1. Otisi Isaac says

      Good expression with good knowledge to identify Bourdex as the right person to rule Abia North senatorial district…….