Abia Govt, Police Stop APGA Worship Programme in Aba


The serenity of Aba town in Abia State was monday disrupted as enthusiastic supporters of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) and its governorship candidate, Dr. Alex Otti, were chased out by agents of the state government and the Abia State Police Command from the venue slated for ‘a praise and worship programme’ (victory programme) in honour of the Appeal Court judgment which declared Otti winner of the last governorship elections in Abia State.

Residents of the commercial city of Aba had trooped out in their numbers to thank God for uplifting Dr. Alex Otti in an emotion-lading ceremony slated for Aba Recreation Club but were disappointed when the management of the facility returned the money the organisers of the programme had paid earlier on the reason that they got a ‘marching orders from above’ not to allow the programme to go on.

It was also gathered that even after the Aba Recreation Club venue was aborted, the organizers shifted the venue to another private facility, this time, to Hotel de Lapais at 60 Ekenna road by Okigwe road, Aba and behold the hotel management refunded the N230,000 already paid for the venue to the organisers on the premise that ‘they are being threatened if the event finally held in their facility.

Briefing newsmen on why the event was cancelled, the Director of Finance, Abia First, the Dr. Alex Otti Governorship Campaign Organisation, Chief Mike Akpara said that it was very sad that such impunity could be introduced in a state by the government using the police to threaten the lives of law abiding citizens of the state.

According to Akpara, we are law abiding citizens and we followed due process by notifying the Police about our Praise and worship programme and they responded to us vide their letter dated January 10, 2016 where they told us to hold it in a Church premises on today.
“We told the police that no church premises would contain the crowd and as such we decided to hire a private facility and we were mounting the canopy with the famous Christian music artist, Isreal Anyanele of the Agape Love Band fame on stage before information came that the premises was to be under attack if we do not vacate the venue immediately,” he said.

Akpara also expressed dismay that government could go further to recruit hoodlums and miscreants to disrupt the programme if we had not put off the event. However, police Armored Personnel Carrier (APC) were deployed to Aba Recreation Club to make sure that the event could not hold.

All effort meant to reach the Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO) of Abia State Police Command, Onyeke Ezekiel Udeviotu proved abortive as he could not pick his calls for confirmation.

Also the chief press secretary to the governor of Abia State, Godwin Adindu could not pick his calls.



    • You are very stupid, please be realistic and not selfish. You don’t have brain either, what have you achieve for your country, you’re just being selfish.

    • I can see that you lack manners and respect. I dont think you accord respect for your husband cos if you do, you should have known how to talk to a man

    • Who is a man without a woman or a mother pls before u make comment next time examine ur words. Okezie Victor Ikpeazu all d way

  1. One thing i knw about Apga is that they lie alot,and i hv never see a day the Apga people say d truth,the govt of Dr Okezie Ikpeazu did not in anyway stop the programme of Apga people.

  2. 4 those of u that dont know what to comment when u see the truth should know that;ochu nwa okuko nwe-ada,nwa okuko nwe nwenwe oso.imara ezi ma si na -obu asi,onwu nechere gi.many will cry as the rich man cried for a drop of water to be giving to him,but such oppotunity will not be given to whomever that suport evil.

    • I don’t know what’s in your mind but I must say that I like your comment. I pray for the truth to unveil. I don’t live in naija or belong to any party but my family travelled to naija, Abia precisely and came back with better news regarding our roads than two years ago.

  3. I don’t know think one should be perturbed by this anachronistic & brazen display of impunity by Ikpeazu & his co-travellers bearing in mind where they are coming from. What else would they do seeing that they have lost – of course they will fight dirty, throw caution to the wind & if possible cause personal harm to the Governor -elect. But thing the Ikpeazu/ T.A. Orji group should have known, if they had someone with some modicum of intelligence, is that you can suspend an individual for some time, but you can never suspend THE TRUTH; and THE TRUTH here is that Alex Otti, by the grace of God & the resilience of his team, who despite every attempt made, by T.A.Orji & his gang of demons, to frustrate them, still went ahead & defeated Ikpeazu fair & square. And without any fear of contradiction, if this election is conducted 100 times, given the scenario & circumstances, Alex Otti will defeat Ikpeazu 100 times. The much they can do right now, is what they have done -create some kind of unease in the atmosphere because their time is very limited.

    • Please with all due respect, don’t call the holy God in this dirty game. For your info, Otti is devil candidate too. They’re all evil, heartless politicians in Nigeria who embezzle the country’s money to enrich themselves. Please, never you call God’s name oooo, it makes me go crazy. I just wish e can help the poor masses mire than we do. No well equipped hospitals, clinics in Nigeria. I was surprised to see your candidate in my hospital for just a physical assessment in America. what a shame, if you call yourself a Christian, go hiding and pray for your community. Thank you

  4. Why praise and worship program when the supreme court has not given the final verdict? Hope they are not there to disrupt the peaceful coexistence of the people. Biko nu were kwanu ya nwayoo.

  5. Ikpeazu and his so called group have failed. Eventually whether they like it or yes, he and his co touts will leave as sure as the sunset in the Eastern sky

  6. Mr. Uche Asiegbu, u lied just as ur surname suggests. Rather tell us that people are now more sensitized with the current trends and what they can see, and if a fresh election is ordered today, Okezie Ikpeazu will receive 80% of the total votes cast. That flaw from the appeal court 5-man panel will be worked on, and decided by the Apex court of the land. It’s not yet over untill it’s over.

    • i am not an APGA member,but i always go tro peoples comments here in dis platform,& i hav seen many talk like a baby, Asiegbu, i tink urs is worst, u talk lik a sounding gong. what if dat man is ur dad & dey stole de mandate his lovely ones gav him, wont u encourage ur father 2 go 4 his mandate since people stil want him. be wise & be careful Asiegbu de way u comment here no matter how beatter u were..,lest De Law Of KAMA befalls u any day u decided 2 fight de cause of whatsoever dat belongs 2 u or father,ur siblings etc. whatsoever a man sowetjg..,dat is awaiting him.

  7. Uche Asiegbu your kind of person should be hanged because your life don’t count in this state called Abia, village head, please get your self a better burial program, Abia is better with Dr Victor Okezie Ikpeazu period, and you Igiri kalu or whatever stay on Facebook and look for girl friends because jobless people like need to be giving more MB

  8. Otila and the girl friend should go to their normal hotel room and enjoy themselves and leave Abia State alone, Abia is peaceful.

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    • Dear Chris just like your surname, is quite unfortunate that a basted like you that was brought up in a beer parlor can’t read the handwriting on the wall, from your profile picture I can read poverty over you and your family, no wonder you look like cheap, village boy that don’t you know that some women works in a hotel as receptionist or cook waitress etc not brotel idiot that didn’t go to school, if my mum work’s in a hotel to bring me up to this far she deserves an award, then a useless son from a useless mother that was brought up from Palm bar, sorry for the discretion of your family in public but you really need my help to get a good job for you from Gov victor Okezie Ikpeazu, the God sent of our time to deliver Abia state.

  9. I was coming 4 that program and we were told that we should go bck bcos ikpeazu ask Tug and miscreant to disrupt the program

  10. failure is ikpeazu’s name as I saw in my dream a week now but Alex should also becareful with some folks around him,if it is winning he has already won @ d supreme amen.

  11. in just a few days okezie has shown his real colour.Naturally ngwa man is as despondent and barbaric as that.They hate God and light.Freakin children of adultery

    • Pls change dat name Jehoshaphat it does not fit u, cos ur words re poison ad nt a kings word. BT remember e go clear u for eye, ngwa Okezie Victor Ikpeazu all the way

    • #nancy i would ov to stare at ur cum smeared face on that day of the supreme court verdict and tell u what round-the-clock ass rumpin did to u fossils of ngwalnd

  12. One of the reasons God has given Dr Ikpeazu victory even in the Supreme court is that he has weighed APGA and found them wanting….. Everything about them is lies and cheap propaganda.. Tufiakwa!!!!!

  13. I never new that their are so many witches in abia state and that is why they cannot see the hand work of God upon Ikpeazu ,Oti is another devil sent to destroy abia

  14. The truth is bitter. People don’t compare there with other. God in heaven knows that ottis mandate was stolen and there is know hw u beat a child and ask him not to cry but my prayer is if really before God and man otti won the election God should vindicate him.ngwas knows the truth

  15. I have taken my time to read all your comments, it baffles me how pple have lost their conscience. I was in d east during that election, am neither PDP no APGA but wat happened that day can better be imagined than experienced. PDP wasn’t intelligent in their rigging. Desperation overwhelmed their sense of reasoning. Little wonder they are asking for a rerun…. My question is, why asking for a rerun in an election u said u won? I stand by d decision of d appeal court. God bless Abia state.

    • Women dnt have anything to say concerning politice because they can be brainwashed at any time,so you better keep quite.

    • look @ yur foolish reason,u stetment has no meaning,if OTTI knws he worn why not test his popularity by going 4 re-run,than payin d appeal curt to cancel all d 3 LGA.if he knws he truly worn let dere b a re-run .caword he can’t defranchise half of Abian pupolance.WE worn so we ar neva scare of re-run.OBINGWA FIRST SON WIL WIN @ D SUPREM.

    • I do not argue with uneducated pple who do not know when and how to use d word foolish. Little Wonder u guys are still where u are.

    • Nwankwo Prince needs primary education, Akunna did you understand the craps he wrote with both grammatical and spelling errors. They are little minds and shouldn’t be talked to.

  16. Nwaeze Solomon Chris, the truth of the matter is: people don’t want to hear the truth because they don’t want their illusions destroyed. But no matter how much we try to subdue it, the truth WILL always prevail. Otto’s victory over Ikpeazu is the truth, & it has prevailed.

  17. I thank God that he is God bt nt a man,because at the end of the day,Truth will always stand and we’l knw who is lying

  18. Who is this man called otti self and were was he when Abia state was at the point of help..? what he decided doing is to join his brother Ta orji the professional criminal to transfer our state money to aside country,now after doing a criminal work for his brother he wants to become the governor of the same state he re-located the money to another country,how possible is it going to be..? that means he wants to start were he stops with his master Ta,Abians should be wise.

  19. You can’t be a governor through dubious and trick means without the mandate of the people ikpeazu carry go jare.


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