?A group of Abia State PDP members have passed a vote of no confidence in their present state party Chairman, Mr Johnson Onuigbo.


The group, which has three former Abia State Assembly members and past administrative secretary of the PDP, said that Mr Onuigbo was not qualified to lead the party.


Two of the members, Chidi Nwosu and Chukwuemeka Osoagbaka, explained that the process that led to the emergence of the PDP State Chairman was undemocratic and flawed by irregularities.


They claimed that one of the contenders to the seat of the Abia State Chairmanship claimed that he paid for a form but was not given a chance to be part of the process.


Meanwhile, a PDP Stalwart, Ukpai Agwu, bluntly refuted the allegation.


The Peoples Democratic Party Chairman, Johnson Onuigbo in his remarks also said that the allegations were untrue.


He expressed concern that there were misguided politicians within the party.


He warned them to retrace their steps, saying the PDP would not condone distraction from any group.




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  1. Oge Eji Ukomah says

    That’s a big lie, the state party members are solidly behind chief Johnson Onuigbo, look for another interesting topic

    1. Emmanuel Wills Nwamarah says

      Guy tune on to pea setter 103.5 FM morrow by 6am

    2. Oge Eji Ukomah says

      What’s happening their?

    3. Abia Facts Newspaper says

      Emmanuel Wills Nwamarah, allow him to keep saying it is a lie.. He can’t say more than that.. That is his job.. IT IS A BIG LIE.. Indeed.

    4. Oge Eji Ukomah says

      Hahahahah so you can respond? It has been long u did that. Up to a year now

    5. Oge Eji Ukomah says

      Hahahahah so you can respond? It has been long u did that. Up to a year now, how market? And where can I buy your papers in abia or your head office?

    6. Abia Facts Newspaper says

      Wait and see.. We are a moving train.

    7. Emmanuel Wills Nwamarah says

      Boy stop showing your ignorance atitude on social media ok… AFN do broadcast the way it is, how it happened and before anyother media carry it … No matter who its against or favour. For me Abia fact is my best online news broadcasting crew. (AFN IS NO:1)

    8. Oge Eji Ukomah says

      @AFN u are still a moving train uptill now and for how many years? Woooow I guess you really need some helps? So you are not out from that your bedroom your office is located? Meeen you need to work hard.

    9. Abia Facts Newspaper says

      Hahahahahaha.. What’s happening to your oge blog.. You are off our league… Until you run oge blog for atleast 6 months, then you can talk to AFN as a kindergarten..

    10. Oge Eji Ukomah says

      Emmanuel Wills Nwamarah you can still go back to your last comment and Edith, give space where necessary both you full stops, comer and correct some words. Eg, “AFN do broadcast the way it is, how it happened and before other media houses or page carry it”. But I don’t agree that another media house or page carries any news from AFN , they copy I can tell and prove that. And the last correction from the last line ” No matter who its against or favour ” it should be, No matter is against or in support . sorry, for you to say AFN is the best broadcasting crew, it means you are still backward.

    11. Oge Eji Ukomah says

      Hahahaha AFN, I don’t just do because others are doing. I have to put it in order so that it will be a successful job. If you don’t know what is takes to upgrade go back to class, if you don’t know, my news page and site is still on progress, with real information and stories.

    12. Anthony Uko says

      Just dey pass..

    13. Nnochiri Chinomso Arabtinz says

      AFN no get beta news to post ….i da pity people were da belive in der trash

    14. Emeka Asita says

      AFN should charge you for advertisement .

    15. Oge Eji Ukomah says


  2. Emmanuel Wills Nwamarah says

    Lol confuse set of people

    1. Oge Eji Ukomah says

      Lol. AFN has brain wash u. Can u tell me where I can buy their paper in the morning?

    2. Emmanuel Wills Nwamarah says

      I don’t join issues with you type sorry.

    3. Oge Eji Ukomah says

      Lol, is that how you define ignorance ? Chai bekee

    4. Emmanuel Wills Nwamarah says

      Ignorance simply means ignoring useful information.

  3. Daniel Roland Abia says