Abia Facts Newspaper gathered from our source in the Court room that Barrister F. N Nwosu’s application has finally been dismissed by the Supreme Court judges.

Another vital decision granted today was the ruling in favour of accelerated hearing by the Judges. The motion for accelerated hearing was argued by Dr. Uchechukwu Sampson Ogah’s lawyers, so the ruling favours their desire.

Another critical decision expected today is the application by Dr Alex Otti to join the suit.  We are expecting ruling on that today also.

Note: keeping refreshing this news for more updates..


  1. if they keep rushing the case dis way, i bet u dat ikpeazu will win. why cant Alex otti wait for the court to decide on ikpeazu and uche ogah before rushing in? the court will see dis people as desperados and rule in favour of ikpeazu. lets keep watching the drama.

  2. Some times i wonder why most of us who are not into politice or politicians i mean(political artivist)say source of things about Ogah,Ikpeazu and Alex while they don’t know anything concerning politice,you could remember what hapened in Anambra some years back,but i know that the almight God will not allow his people to suffer.

  3. God forbid You and your word @ ugonext okonkwo….USO gonna emerge Victoriously as Abia Governor by Law in Jesus Christ name…Amen ooooooooh


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