Information reaching Abia Facts Newspaper has it that staff of Abia State University Uturu last received salaries in July 2017, meanwhile it is alleged that the school management have employed close to 200 persons even when they are unable to pay the working staff.

Research has shown that the inability of Abia State Polytechnic to pay workers can be attributed to the unreasonable over bloating of the institutions workforce by successive Rectors of the institution. Now that the current Vice Chancellor Prof Ikonne is increasing the workforce of Abia State University Uturu when he is unable to pay workers, is he not gradually trying to cripple the institution?

It is also alleged that the said employment of about 200 persons was coloured with nepotism. Other activities coloured with nepotism includes promotion, transfers and other internal issues. Just recently, the VC replaced a Deputy Vice Chancellor in a way that was questionable, this replacement was also said to be coloured with nepotism.

Is the State government not aware of this attempt to cripple Abia State University by over bloating its workforce?

Or is the state government behind the said activities of the current Vice Chancellor of Abia state University Uturu?






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