Abia State is in the throes of many woes currently. Pervasive spell of gloom is wide spread over the nooks and crannies of Abia State in the manner of dark, murky clouds. Pangs of pains, frustrations, disappointments, and many other unpleasant experiences characterizise the daily existence of Abians presently. These are the lot of majority ranging from the rural dwellers to the urban settlers; civil servants to traders; artisans to professionals; starving pensioners to army of unemployed young men and women. The list is endless. However, a tiny minority class is the only exception in the midst of these tales of woes and oceans of afflictions and sufferings plaguing Abians. What differentiates or separates this dominant, privileged minority from the rest simply stems from brazenly taking undue advantage of fellow Abians and of course for granted. The prevailing dichotomies tilted in favour of the elite minority are self-evident and manifest chiefly in terms of blatant and flagrant abuse of public trust and public office; misgovernment; negligent failure to feel the pulse of public outcries and desires of the populace; and other shortcomings. Absence of credible, qualitative leadership accounts for these litanies of woes. Government and governance exist only on paper. Real positive impacts of good governance are no where to be found and have disappeared completely. The essence of government has been turned up-side-down resulting in unprecedented chaos in the entire system of governance. Though there is a government in place but most unfortunately there exist huge vacuums in real terms in the proper sense of the provision of what effective governance represents in any democratic dispensation and system.

These negative narratives can be effectively corrected with the right approaches and tools. A sick person which Abia represents presently needs urgent attention and interventions of a certified competent physician. Failure to get urgent and proper attention portends ominous risks. Through proper, effectual diagnoses and thorough examinations of the sick person’s medical history (in this very instance, Abia State) life or untimely death can saved or prevented. As it stands today, Abia is vicariously classified to be at grave risks. Needless to itemize herein the different ailments and symptoms typical of the unhealthy conditions and status of Abia State.

Abia is at great risks no doubt. Counting backwards from 2018 to 2015 and even beyond clearly shows Abia at the moment is at the tipping-point of fatally collapsing with the ugly prospects of the rubbles heaped on us. The grievous spectacles and avoidable mistakes of the past must never be allowed to persist in 2019. Abia must not sink disastrously like the Titanic. The edifice known as Abia must not be allowed to collapse. Notwithstanding there are visible cracks and frightening signs of imminent collapse, Abia must be salvaged.

There is no better physician at this critical point in time except Dr. Alex Otti to perform the urgent life-saving surgery to reverse and revive Abia back to health ways. Otti’s carefully recommended prescriptions are unavoidable treatments necessary for the recuperation politically, economically, socially and holistically sick Abia polity.

Drawing from his deep reservoirs of insights, hindsight, professional expertise, experience, vast networks of strategic contacts locally and internationally, political savvy and much more, Dr. Alex Otti is eminently poised to turn the negative narratives of Abia State into positive narratives; current tales of misfortune into stories of great fortune; spirit of despondence into hope; deprivations into providence and solace; sufferings into comfort; lack into opulence; de-empowerment into empowerment; and ultimately restore faith, confidence, and pride among Abians in ” God’s Own State’’.

Emergence of Alex Otti on March 9, 2019 Governorship elections, automatically paves the way to pen a new testament in the annals of Abia State. It must be stressed here categorically, Abia electorate are not in any way doing Alex Otti any special favours in casting ballots for Otti. On the contrary, casting ballots for Otti effectively guarantees the survival of Abia State. Otti has simply put himself forward on account of zeal for patriotic service and stewardship to bail¬out and return Abia back to safe channels from the precarious strait paths the present clueless leadership has blindly and disastrously steered and navigated the ship of leadership unto turbulent waters. It is clearly with our votes and mandate, Otti can take charge effectively to do what are considered needful in the best interests of Abia State. With Dr Alex Otti seated in the cockpit cabin as the Chief Pilot, with stable hands on the Gearlevers, and with clear visions, Otti is poised to fly Abia Aircraft to higher altitudes to safe destinations in safety in 2019.




Association For Better Abia State & Good Governance.





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