Appeal Court in Owerri this afternoon upturned the verdict of Abia State senatorial tribunal which upheld the election of Sen. Mao Ohuabunwa.

The justices of the Appeal Court agreed with the Appeal of Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu and declared that a rerun be held in Abia North in 90 days.

AFN just gathered that Chief David Ogba ‘s(BOUDUEX) appeal was also upheld. Total rerun declared in Abia North Senatorial District.


  1. Arochukwu among the major hemisphere historically acknowledged for their rich cultural heritage yet so called government pervert justice and delay justice……let be wary compatriots especially Abians cos we r far in terms of infrastructural development becos of our past n present government yet they want to go to senate after less achievement….let be wise

  2. justice delayed is not justice denied,am still praying for the nullification TA orji’s election and that of his pikin Victor okpeazu

  3. And I so patiently wait till d 90 days and dia z no rerun of election…….u go know say d tunder wey go fire u still dey do press up……….

  4. Am not talking about party affinity cos orji uzor kalu ruled under PDP before Mao senatorial ambition….forget about all those political party batism they r same pple some r voting in under different umbrella thinking they have made a change but the evil person has just change a coat of his prior notice,Abia north slot under Uzor kalu was just a mirage,miscarriage and deceit…..Roads to most abia north is still yet unattended to…now on a new platform he want to go to senate…Abia north shuld woo him

    • Ur statement re misleading and baseless, during OUK time as a governor, his presence was felt in Abia North and Abia state at large, that his successor refused to rehabilitate the roads is not in anyway the fault of OUK, I know u the writer is not from Abia North and as such u don’t know what ur saying, so go back and verify ur claims.

  5. Joshua Ifeanyi no be fake news o. Abia facts stop giving credit to OUK alone, David Onuoha’s appeal was also involved.

  6. In an ideal society can Uzor kalu be proud?check his pristine,his root and all what not….find out the truth…Abia entered in TA orji’s democrazy and that of his miscrant son ikuku was just bcos of uzor kalu.He failed us I tell,the only thing that would enthrone sanity in abia polite and eschew bitterness is Aro’s leadership at all corner,cos in history she made name and presently Alex otti can and ready to make the name for whole Abia without sentiment,prejudice and dermarcation

  7. Sandra Blessed hahahaha ur funny oooooh but I like that name mao ohu Abu pikin .NWA guy is on the way ooooh for real life and direct.

  8. When u read d comments made by OUK against the marginalization of IGBOS in national u will know that OUK is a wise man and he is d kind a man we want although he is not a saint during his time as d Governor of Abia State yet I still love d man so much to b represent Abia North

  9. Chai. Thanks be to chukwu okike abiama puru ime ihe niile.. You can bribe tribunal but can never bribe appeal. APGA is your turn to laugh

  10. Once upon a time in Abia North…. I shouldnt be asking the source if they have packaged their N2m for bail. Sen. Chuqxs

  11. The fight will be with PPA and Apga but I see OUK winning it because he gonna come with full force this time, not his 3 weeks campaign to the last election. I heard APGA won Arochukwu/Ohafia Federal house too.

  12. thank God……I m also waiting to hear that Alex otti is now the govo of abia state…..and Oporto oyom…..justice must prevail in abia state

  13. Chaii,how are mighty fallen,anyway, l am not surprise.The truth is that by the time we are done with the appeal,there will be nothing like PDP again in Abia State.mark my word PDP is going to change her name after this voyage and APGA is going to be a major opposition to APC in nigeria and even before PDP will make up her mind to rebrand,they will beg APGA for Merger but APGA will refuse.If you like you can call it a prophecy.

  14. Even if they re-run it 20 times Mua Ohabunwa will still win .orji should go and seat down. After 8yrs, what is he looking for?

  15. Mao will still win orji ten time. If APC will stay clear Abia. They should not come and cause this their inconclusive INEC in. Abia state. God is fighting for us. They should go to their Abuja. We want biafra.

  16. Orji uzor kalu is the best thing that will happen to abia north in the senete even south east as a region. The biggest masquerade in igbo land TA orjis gang up against you can not stand the test of time.

  17. Hahahahahaha Thank God for the justice that has started to emerge in Abia State… Congrats to u my amiable and wonderful Man of honour, u shall be our senator comes 90 dayz in Jesus name…… Amen.

  18. @ Roland Ifeanyi Ukah,all those judge’s in Abia tribunal deserve to stone to death, they collected money from T A orji and his evil people, our God will soon disgrace them

  19. Hahahaha! This is just the beginning, Jehovah is Alive ….David Onuoha will also do it again ….APGA is still the Change Maker . APGA all the way. Kokokorooooooooooh!

  20. this is the lords doing; and it is marvellous in our eyes. Pls God help us to re-run governorship election in abia state. We need change nd i belive abia first platform has the capacity to transform it

  21. My question is, if after re-run MAO still leads…? I think we should all relax until the second chance given to us comes to an end…one luv!

  22. Obinna you r a fool, big one 4 dat mata, hw much hv otti given to u, hw many abia youth did he put in bank work, ok he think he knws d game y cnt him pay bigger money to D CJ in of d case to get abia 4rm d hands of ur so called men. Obinna u beta go n sleep. Abia stil underdogs wen it cum to d game,

  23. Charles Nwaogu seems u need a helping hand via hammer to hit obinna. Lolz u guys and politics.
    Ogelle has also been declared winner..


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