Attempts To Amend Abia Gubernatorial Tribunal Ruling Foiled


We just received a very sensitive Information that PDP and Gov. Okezie Ikpeazu were attempting to amend the tribunal ruling to suit them more and close up some loopholes which they have discovered in the ruling of Justice Usman Bwala.

Based on the Information gathered, PDP and Gov. Okezie Ikpeazu realized some loopholes in the ruling which will make It very easy to be upturned at the Court of Appeal, so they quickly made moves to amend It but the Information got to the petitioners on time and security agencies were quickly involved.

The legal team of Dr. Alex Otti are already deep into the appealing process as AFN gathered.

More Information coming….



  1. If I make comment now they will delete it. I don’t know if you think the people you are addressing are nonentities. Please bring up another story…..

  2. Apga false news there is nothing you guys can write or post on social media will distract or remove Dr Okezie . V. Ikpeazu from been the governor of abia state. Big shame on you, noise makers.

  3. You guys are fools, pls post credible news and stop posting nonsense. You guys are one of the reasons abia is not moving forward. I wonder how much otti is giving you guys.#shame.

  4. Is only a fool that can post this kind of rubbish, and there will be no need for anyone to drag himself to such position

  5. What are you called. Abia facts,una ño get work and news. That’s why Abia State Will take a while to progress because of your likes. Very pity.

  6. I thank God that uptill now any truth from APGA ,no matter how small it is will make this thieves to be hibernating,it shows that Dr.Alexander Otti is still Winning.Glory be to God Almighty.

  7. Its now crystal clear that Abia has more fools than wise men. Little wonder how that summarized man T A Orji would administer military rule in your state and nobody could even wink. Now see how a story is brought up and some senseless, over-zealous, everlasting fools would condemn the source instead dig to find the truth. Now the former bloody civilian military governor now a sleeping senator imposed a low life on you and all you imps do is to cast aspersions on the single most powerful citizen(Dr Otti) of your Downtrodden state who rose to the occasion to liberate you from the claws of these hungry vultures feeding from your state treasury. Now, The first law of sound reasoning is that one may not assume a thing which is to be proved. I know you have more motorpark touts, street urchins and okrika hawkers who post here before they think, go first and prove what you read here before making senseless comments. COWARDS!!!

    • Are u digging ur mum or dad?Stupid u.Face facts n dont rewind de past.De tribunal is over lets join hands n build de state.If theirs anything u know Otti is coming to do in de state,share it with de sitting governor so we can achieve.Rather than making noise like someone they slapped at lagos n he come to onitcha to say waka.

    • The truth is always bitter.because the need power by all means they can kill,destroy lifes in the name of being governor.they knws too well that masses did nt vote for them and yet steal wat does nt belong to them.if otti can claim it back its left for him.

  8. God can’t fail my Hero Alexander Otti. Leadership comes from GOd,belIeving God,he will make Alexander Otti and will equally use

  9. Its now clear to me dat some abia youths are rejoicin over the pains,tears,and sufernes abian are passin tru in the hand pdp.But my good news to all abians is dat God must surely rescue them from darknes called pdp.

  10. Abia facts, plz can you update us wat is happening in all Biafran land instead of this stupid Abia State politics dt have no meaningful judgement all the time. Or Do you people only concentrate on dirty politics. I like ur news updates bt u are getting it wrong by all the time posting abt PDP ,APGA while alot of things are happening in our land outside the d stupid politics.

  11. Abia facts, plz can you update us wat is happening in all Biafran land instead of this stupid Abia State politics dt have no meaningful judgement all the time. Or Do you people only concentrate on dirty politics. I like ur news updates bt u are getting it wrong by all the time posting abt PDP ,APGA while alot of things are happening in our land outside the d stupid politics.

  12. dishing out spurious lies to abians & the larger reading public is completely vain.The court has defended d mandate of ikpeazu & for d sake of moving our dear state forward all this unnecessary media onslaught should cease


  13. Some people do criticize abia facts every tym the bring out vital info.are you nt ashemed of ur self?why are you angry aver thier post.the truth is alwz bitter dnt relax yet is not over ur evil deeds shall be exposed.

  14. In every news that must be an atom of Truth in it .. The ruling is not to write home about and a failure to our judiciary as the last hope of a common man… Lets be watching and praying.

  15. All PDP supporters keep jumping up, rejoicing n insulting AFN n oda gud citizens of Abia State, ensure u wl jump dis way wen ur joy is cut-short soon.

  16. U pple said b4 d tribunal ruling dat TA and co will scale thru xcept Abaribe who will b d scapegoat and it happend so,AFN hax element of Truth if u are not biased

  17. In my humble opinion Apga won d election they led with wide margin b4 Pdp bewings storms abia state to intimidate pple & made sure d election was stop,but am very sure they will not get justice becouse our pple far away from civilization,like it or not development will come only when starts to benue state PDP was voted out bcox they could not perform, but in abia d mafias will never allow dat to happen thereby denying d pple their right of frm enugu state not abia i will glad to developmnt in every parts 9ja expecialy igboland which has been laking behind for a very long time.

  18. Some people come on AFN to speak too many vocabulary… they don’t even know the meaning… whereas forgetting the truth… which is that this state is still doomed.. if this state keeps moving towards this direction of leadership, then I guess God’s owes Sodom an apology for not naming them after him.. that’s my piece.

  19. They will keep on manipulating and the senseless Metuh will be yelling at APC. PDP and their followers have something in common: PSYCHOSOMATIC DISORDER!

  20. Alex is not from God cos God is not a politician he should go nd sleep or wait for a call from God.they r all the same my pple

  21. When the centre cannot be hold, things fall apart! For the myopic in reasoning, the battle for the total liberation of the state of Abia have just stated from this present dispensation. As a matter of fact, it’s a movement and is moving at a fast spate. Therefore, as spectators, partisans and stakeholders, let’s watch as events unfolds…

  22. Pls my good people of abia state, u guys should stop calling God’s name in times politics cus is dirty game. If Otti has his way, he will do d same as Okezie did to have his own way. Also known of you can stand to tell the history of Otti. So stop all dis God God name. Cus known of them know God. In politics trust nobody.

  23. Who rendered a bank useless stole money in they name of creating fake credits and trying to rob d bank from the founding father but luck ran out of him is not worthy to rule our state


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