Avengers Ask Buhari To Conduct Referendum On Nigeria


Militant group, the Niger Delta Avengers (NDA), has asked President Muhammadu Buhari to conduct a referendum to determine whether Nigerians want to remain as one or not.


The group posted the demand on their Twitter handle @NDAvengers Saturday afternoon, making reference to the historic exit of Great Britain from the European Union on Friday, through a referendum which has led to the resignation of Prime Minister David Cameron.


Avengers, who have been clamouring for a breakage of the Niger Delta from the present entity called Nigeria through destruction of oil and gas installations, said Buhari should take a cue from Britain and allow dissenting regions to go their way without a resort to bloodshed.


“President Buhari borrow a leaf from PM David Cameron, call for a referendum and let Nigerians decide like they did to vote you into power,” the tweet read.


In another tweet showing a fragmented pictorial map of Nigeria showing various regions, the group, which has brought the oil economy of the country to its knees through its heinous activities, said: “Nigerian President should call for a referendum to enable every Nigerian to vote if they want to stay as Nigerians or not, just like David Cameron of Great Britain.”


The two tweets have been shared for 179 and 190 times respectively with comments supporting and denouncing the suggestions as of the time of filing this report.


@legendury_L£X, in his tweet, said “President Buhari borrow a leaf from PM David Cameron, call for a referendum and let Nigerians decides like they did to vote you into Power.”


Another respondent reacted thus: “Referendum can only work in a country where you have data base to know how many so called  citizens. Is not possible in the zoo.”


@SaintyMartins, on his part, says: “I think this is a way to go let the zones decide. Im sure nobody will vote against breakup.”




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