Generally, it does not bother me again if I see our security men that wear black uniform collect N50 at check points around Abia state, but it gives me great concern when I see check points mounted by Nigerian Army also involved in this act of collecting N50. It is even more worrisome to me when this N50 or N100 is being collected by civilians I choose to call Civilian JTF on behalf of the military men at those check points.

Someone may ask “Why should you conclude they are collecting it for the military men at the check points?”. The reason is simple, the confident exhibited by these civilian JTFs while collecting the N50 or N100 at the military check points around Abia state can only come from a corrupt understanding between the civilians JTFs and the military officers at such check points.

The dangers in this act are numerous and the after effect will always bounce back on the people, so the need to condemn this act becomes very expedient and necessary.

A military man is trained with a lot of discipline, respect and obedience to set rules that when I see them deviate from that, it sends a strong danger signal which includes lack of discipline, disrespectfulness to set rules which ultimately destroys the fabrics and foundation of the military structure. When the military starts collecting N50 at check points through civilian JTF’s, it will ultimately result in them being disrespected as our other security agency that wears black are being disrespected.

It is a shame to see this respected military profession tarnished by some corrupt check point officers, this is killing the force, this is killing the value placed on the service and this is also killing the believe Nigerians have on the Nigerian army.

Me and you know that because of the N50 which is now the focus of our Nigerian security agency on black, they have lost track of the essence of a check point which was originally meant for surveillance, stopping movement of criminals and arresting individuals in possession of banned items like fire arm and others. Now, once you give N50, you are free to pass, if you venture give N1000 they will salute you and let you pass not knowing the person may be carrying firearm or even human head.

It will be dangerous for the army to be distracted like this also, because if they do, who then will protect the people.

Another danger is that all of these civilian JTFs collecting money on behalf of military officer at check points around Abia state are touts and thugs. Some of them are the reason the state is not at peace security wise, so when they become friends to our military officers at the check points, what becomes of Abians.

Definitely, they will attempt to corrupt further our military officers, they will sow dangerous seeds into the heart of our officers, they will take advantage of their closeness to military officers and create more havoc in Abia state. It is important this is checked.

Go to Obikabia junction along new Umuahia road, you will see civilians collecting money for military officers at the check point, you can also find them along Umuobiakwa junction in Obingwa, Umuekea Junction and so many others.

Please let’s condemn this and draw the attention of the military headquarters to this.

— ——————-

Emenike Iroegbu is the Editor in Chief Abia Facts Newspaper. Writes from Umuahia

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