The Tribunal hearing of the case filed by Dr. Alex Otti the APGA Gubernatorial Candidate in the March 9th, 2019 election seeking to cancel the poll which was won by Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu, entered into its eleventh day as APGA witnesses continued to testify at the court.

During the proceedings at the court today 11th July, 2019, counsel to P.D.P Dr. Emeka Ananaba [SAN] began by asking an APGA witness if he has ever seen the result of Polling Unit 011 ward 4 in Ohafia, Ohafia L.G.A and the witness affirmed

The witness was further asked to specify the particular result he said he saw and he explained that it was the pink copy.

Counsel to P.D.P: Witness, was the pink copy a certified copy?

Witness: I don’t know if it was a pink copy or not

Counsel to P.D.P: My lord the witness said he could not identify the true copy of the result of his unit.

Presiding Judge: Dr. Owonikoko, please we are here to make progress, could you please tell your witness                          to be specific and stop being generic?

Counsel to APGA: My lord the witness has answered now

Counsel to P.D.P: The witness must tell us the difference between a pink copy and the main result.

Counsel to APGA: Dr. Ananaba I don’t know what your problem is, you are making this issue to look somehow. Just like my lord said, let’s make progress.

Counsel to P.D.P: My learned colleague, I don’t have any Problem it is you and your hired witness that have a problem.

The second witness, Mr. Nchege Gabriel Kalu Chukwudi from Usukpan Road, Amangwu Ohafia who said worked as an agent at unit 007 ward 11.

INEC Lawyer: Mr. Kalu will I be correct to say that you voted on the day of election?

Witness: No Sir, I did not vote on the day of election.

INEC Lawyer: So why did you not vote for your party APGA since you so much love your party?

Witness: where I registered was different from where my party posted me to work as an agent

INEC Lawyer: witness, the statement you deposited before the court on the 29th March 2019, where did you sign it.

Witness: it was signed before the court in the presence of the registrar.

INEC Lawyer: the figure you have in your witness deposition must be based on what the people told you

Witness: No, I worked as an agent at unit 007 ward 11

Counsel to P.D.P: witness do you know one Odo Kalu Ufere?

Witness: I don’t know

Counsel to P.D.P: I put it to you that Odo Kalu Ufere was the Party agent on the day of election and not you

Witness: I am also putting it to you that I was the only agent there on that day and I don’t Know Odo Kalu Ufere

Counsel to P.D.P: Witness, stop arguing with me, I am not your mate

Witness: then you should stop making me a liar.

Presiding judge: please gentlemen, we can’t continue like this, please witness, mind the way you use words. You are before a court.

Witness: I am sorry my lord.

The third witness Sampson Ikechi Imo of Ndielu ward Etiti-Ama Nkporo unit 11

The witness was shown a document on exhibit P290 and form EC 8A the polling unit result which he deposited for acknowledgement.

INEC Lawyer: witness when did the election took place

Witness: on the 29th of March 2019

INEC Lawyer: are you sure

Witness: yes

INEC Lawyer: in your deposition at the court, you used the word recourse

Witness: It was because the election was very surprising to me

Co- counsel to P.D.P: witness your testimony did not contain the figures of other political party’s?

Witness: the result was for all the Political party’s including rejected votes

Judge: the witness should be given a paper and pen to do the calculation of the total votes cast

Witness: the total votes for PDP, APC, and APGA is 190 Fourth witness Uzoma Nwaorgu of Obegu Ugwunagbo explained

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