In this article written by The commissioner of works under Dr. Orji Kalu, and titled “Orji Kalu, Ukwu Rocks and Ugwueke Road”, Hon. Chief Ukwu Rocks Emma X-rays How the former governor allegedly abandoned road projects within Bende local government despite billions of Naira released for the projects.

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May I first of all thank Ugwueke youth and others alike for your vote of confidence in me, following a rather silly and childish excuse by OUK on why he couldn’t as Governor tar our roads because he gave the money to their Commissioner Son (meaning Me).

ELUELU! Is Orji Kalu another Barking Zuwo (the illiterate Governor) that keeps State Government money under his bed and dispenses as he pleases?

He awarded a 15km contract to his In laws from Anambra State (GRANDSTAR) for Alayi-Ugwueke road at N360M. Not thousand. Million.

The job of Ministry of Works is supervision and recommendations for Contractor to be paid for certified jobs. This is called INTERIM CERTIFICATE. No payment is approved without interim certificates. The payments are done by cheques from Accountant Generals office direct to the Contractor.

The ministry of works where i was commissioner never gave OUK any interim certificate. How did he collect this money?

I was not the Contractor, so how can OUK give me the money? Since he has started confessing, let him tell us the truth where he kept the money because the job was abandoned.

OUK got angry with me for two reasons:

1. His plan was to do only 1km from the Alayi (Osula John) junction so that any one passing or going to Abiriba, Ohafia or Item will see and praise him , thinking that the road is going far. But because I was the Commissioner, I beat him. I pressurized the Contractors to continue.

They tarred 3 kilometers and primed 2 more kilometers for tarring before the Almighty Governor OUK told them they were on their own and refused to pay.

2. The other problem was that I insisted on putting gutters at Ogwumabiri Alayi slope (after O. O. Okorokwo junction). That was not in the original contract because OUK loved bubuyaya jobs that lasts only six months. But this was my road, for goodness sake.

You will agree with me that no road in Abia (outside Igbere) built by OUK govt lasted as long as the 3kms of Alayi-Ugwueke road.

He got angry for the solid road job which was forcing him to spend the money correctly. He suddenly declared there shortage of funds to continue. DECEIT!

Ugwueke people would recall that during Chief Awa Ogwo’s Presidency, the community planned to a civic reception for me to thank me for my efforts. They were already contributing money but I begged them to postpone it. This was because I had gone to my Governor and pleaded with him not to abandon our road but instead to do it in 2 phases.

The phase one would be 7 and half or 7kms stopping at Late Eze Chioma’s junction at Amaeze. We agreed that we would combine my reception and the commissioning of the road and Ugwueke would honour him too. Why not? This, I reported back to the Union. Everyone was happy. But OUK switched off and would keep dribbling me.

Towards the end of our tenure, luckily the Federal Government gave States money for Special projects. I have the document containing the list of approved road projects (emphasis on boarder communities). Amongst them were extension of Alayi-Ugwueke road to Alayo-ugwueke-Akaeze road to 23kms at N560M, Amokayi-Item road at N270M and Eze Amokayi bridge at N18M, Bende-Itumbuzo at N958M, Ofeme bridge through Nkpa to Lohum and Amoji Lodi N1b, all in Bende LGA.

One person that was a huge encouragement to me apart from Eze Ikwunna was our own Johnson Chukwu. Even when I tried to get frustrated, Johnson would say “My honourable brother, SAA anya” and offer readiness to assist. At a time , he and Sunday Abel while abroad pursued a govt official to intervene.

I am therefore not surprised that our God used Johnson to do more than what a Governor of 8 years from neighboring Igbere denied us.The same God used a Governor from far away Umuahia (Ochendo) to help me (as TC CHAIRMAN) build the Eze Amokayi bridge and also construct a motorable road for the first time in history from Ugwueke direct to Item, building the OBAI mini bridge and other culverts along the route.. Yet, instead of asking for forgiveness, OUK thinks he can mock Ugwueke people by telling them silly lies that only fools would believe.

But thank you my people for responding appropriately and teaching him that Ugwueke has matured and moved on from the primitive village of his wish.

But I ask, the women who collected N250k from Orji at August meeting,have you asked. How much is the road contract he recently did? Some say N560M for that 3km job. Did he spend N100M? Is the road not spoilt already? Yet he proudly gave you N250k and laughed behind your back.

Thank God for Johnson Chukwu who is not only doing wonders on our road but repairing the one someone else has collected money for. But have we even appreciated our own?

Ibinaeze rise up! No one can love you more than you love yourself. But even those who do not love us, please DON’T INSULT US. Is that too much to ask?

After receiving this article, AbiaPulse put a call across to Dr. Orji Kalu who simply said “I am very busy, Good luck to Emma”!

Source: AbiaPulse

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