In this latest article by Okey O. Amuta titled “NGWA POLITICAL RENAISSANCE: 2015”, he described the political tension during the 2015 election as War between brothers, he also went ahead to analyze the government of Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu. In his analysis, he pointed out excuses given by Gov. Okezie Ikpeazu and supporters as reason for under performance and described them as unacceptable. THIS IS HOT AND A MUST  READ;



The year 2015,will for ever, remain a year of history in Ngwa Land; a political watershed.

It was the year that Ngwa people pitched two of their outstanding sons in a battle. Like other wars in history, this war not only drew dangerous weapons, blood and sweat, deadly and unhealthy propaganda and intrigues,it also had an ark of covenant, ( caskets placed at various strategic points in Aba, as well as the Enugu Port Harcourt high way ),leading the battle.Ngwa people had arrived politically and they wanted every doubting Thomas to know.

Generally, wars are fought between enemies but in 2015, the war in Ngwa land involved two prominent Ngwa sons, and two political parties.

Dr . Okezie Ikpeazu represented the PDP,while Dr.Alex Otti was of APGA . The bone of contention was , who would be the first Ngwa son to serve as Executive Governor of Abia State?

Political Renaissance in Ngwa land should have taken place about 25 years ago, when Hon Dr.G.A.Amuta, a brave and astute Ngwa political leader, fought like a lone wolf, but failed to become the first Executive Governor of Ngwa extraction, because most prominent Ngwa men not only denied him but actually worked against him. Dr Amuta’s personal pains, I am sure, still persists because his people not only denied him, but also branded him a traitor and thief,who sold their mandate.

Such was the situation until 2015, when the position was presented to Ngwa land on a plate of gold through the system of zoning.

Ngwa land made a choice. Dr Ikpeazu was preferred. To them, he is original son of the soil. Dr Alex Otti, a tested technocrat of repute ,was rejected because he traces his origin to Arochukwu.

It is not my intention to further discuss Dr. Otti’s origin here. Enough for me to say however that elders in Ngwa land are acting like Okonkwo in Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart , who drew a weapon to strike a boy that calls him father.

Our ancestors, who made this arrangement centuries ago, will not forgive us if we continue to as much as dwell negatively on this topic any further. God Almighty will not forgive us either for this kind of evil politics we are playing. This certainly will haunt us and our children in future.

If Barack Obama could be president in America, less than fifty years after his father migrated there from Kenya, then we must bury our head in the sand for even discussing this matter.

Many sons and daughters of Ngwa land were appalled in 2015, but the sentiment was so high that nobody could willingly swim against the current.

Well, Dr. Ikpeazu could still do the job! That was the argurment and consolation of the defeated. The important thing was that Ala Ngwa had a Governor and our place would see real development for the first time; and we could prove to the rest of the people that we are equally good, if not better.

Hurray,the new dawn had arrived! At least, Aba Ngwa, a city of gold sitting in the mud, would be developed by an Ngwa man. What a Renaissance! What a high level of expectations and hope! !

And almost three and a half years down the road, everything has crashed. The enthusiasm, the euphoria, all the miracles expected from the original son of the soil is gone and the people are liking their wonds. Those who were real heroes of the revolution, people like Distinguished Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe, a true son of Igbo land, and a host of others too many to mention here, must be dazed by now.

Those who do not really understand what leadership is about, especially in relation to the led, are at it again. They want a second tenure for Dr. Ikpeazu, One of their major argument is that he was distracted in the first two years of his administration and my questions are; by who? Was his executive office locked up by security operatives during the time? Was the monthly allocation for Abia State seized by the Federal Government during the period? Was there a war going on in the state?

I just hope that the insinuation is not that our common heritage, our collective wealth, money meant for the development of the state, to guarantee our future and that of generations unborn, was used to prosecute those court cases! Please, Abia people, the time to ask questions is now! This, if it is true, can only happen in this state! !

If Dr. Ikpeazu, our Executive Governor, who should give his life in defence of our interests is claiming distraction as defence for non performance, then he knows next to nothing about leadership. In fact, this type of argument is baseless, offensive, if not treasonable.

Among other reasons for his below average performance in my assessment, is that Dr . Ikpeazu is standing on a tripod and his legs cannot touch the ground. His political mentors will not allow him to perform no matter his good intentions. They didn’t perform during their time either.

This is the attraction of homogeneous species. Show me your friend and I will tell you who you are. Birds of the same feathers must flock together. The truth be told :

If we allow this Governor another four years, this state will have another of their type when he leaves in four years time . The reason is simple. The natural laws as quoted above, never fail. They are rigid and perfect. We will continue to suffer because the outgoing governor must get his like to succeed him. For how long must we allow this to continue?

Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu, as I am told, is a good man. He is surrounded by forces beyond him. The people are in a hurry for development .He simply cannot do this job. This is not personal, it is the truth.

My late father, who was a dispenser,had the ability to give all of us good education because he received his meager monthly salaries as at when due, and with the help of our dear mother, could plan the future.
I shudder to imagine what is happening in families where both parents are salary earners : teachers for example, who are owed salaries for the upwards of eight months.

This Government is just busy establishing nurseries, and hatcheries for prostitutes, robbers, kidnappers, drugs movers, etc, and the society will harvest them and the havoc they will visit on us, sooner than later.
What about pensioners? To owe this senior citizens their little means of daily sustenance is pure wickedness to say the least.

In the 1960s, through the 80s, as I remember, the Aba General Hospital, and the one at Okpuala Ngwa, were thriving and taking care of the medical needs of the people. Today, they are virtually dead and may never resurrect again. Are we moving forward or backward? With the current situation, private hospitals must be smiling to the banks while those who cannot afford them must die.

As for the so called Teaching Hospitals in the state, there is no doubt that snakes,other reptiles and rodents are having a great learning in the surrounding bushes that serve as their classrooms, wards,laboratory and theatres.
Private schools in the state are equally doing well in the very fertile ground provided by Government. Children of the poor are abandoning school in their numbers. The teachers have left, the children have deserted and like the government hospitals, school premises have been overtaken by bushes where all types of animals teach and learn.

Abia State is the least developed state in the whole of the south east, despite our huge human and material resources, second to none in the region. What a shame! What a government! !
The truth is that this government is clueless. This Governor knows next to nothing about leadership. He simply has no Blue Print and will not record any significant achievements given another ten years. We can wait no further.

Before construction of a structure, an architect must have a drawing plan : a good lawyer must prepare a case file before going to court :even a teacher must write his lesson notes before facing his students otherwise they will mess him up.

A leader must have a clear knowledge of what he targets to achieve in six months, in one year, etc, of administration, otherwise he would just be running round a circle. To my mind, what this Governor and those surrounding him know is enjoyment, not service.

I have listened to some supporters of the government who see the flyover at Osisioma as one of his great achievements. What we probably need in Aba now are a good number of helicopters to fly us over the bad roads and filth that have taken over this once beautiful city of ours. Enyinba city was once the pride of Ngwa land, ,nay, Igbo land.

Abia youths, I talk to you again as a father!

General elections have come again and they are ready to use and dump you as usual. Already, they have appointed more than 2000 of you as SAs, SSAs and other meaningless political appointments. They are positioning you for the slaughter, as thugs , to help manipulate the elections. You are on your own. They give you ‘bottom pot ‘while the real food has been eaten by them and their families.

Peson wen die, no de rise agen oooo.

If they give you money, take and eat it. It is your money. This time around, you must do it for yourselves, for your future.

Whom the cap fits, let him wear it.

Abeg, una mumu don do.

Enough is enough. Go out there and vote them out.


Okey O Amuta.

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