The rumour making round in Abia State and Umuahia in particular is that former governor now Sen. T. A Orji have abandon his long standing wife Chief Odochi Orji for a younger lady that is presently pregnant for him.

The pregnant lady is the daughter of another prominent Umuahia person and she works in a bank.

Based on the report published on the facebook account of a well known aide to Sen . T. A Orji, he reported that Odochi Orji denied the rumour going round that her husband abandoned her “Wife of former governor of Abia state lady Odochi Orji has debunked the rumours making the rounds that senator orji has married a second wife. Speaking at the IBEKU WOMEN CONFERENCE she said ….. ochendo loves me, those who are saying my husband has married a second wife should bury their faces in shame, its all lies. They said I have ran away, being here today shows that i am with my husband”.

Which one should Abians believe now?

Is Ochendo expecting a child from another woman?

Time will tell…. 



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