*Abia State PDP does not desire to do well

In this interview with All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) Abia State Deputy Chairman, Chief Uzoma Chima Onyekwere OON, he boldly stated that peace has returned to APGA Abia State. This interview which held immediately after a high-profile APGA stakeholders meeting in Umuahia, the deputy chairman assured Ndi Abia that the party is positioning itself to take over power from the Abia State PDP led administration. The deputy chairman during the interview, also took a swipe at PDP, castigating its inability to pay workers.

Enjoy the first part of this interview.

Can we know you sir?

I am Uzoma Chima Onyekwere OON, the deputy state chairman of All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA)

Recently, reports from APGA Abia State indicates divisions in your ranks, what is your take?

Almost every party go through process like this, so ours is not different. But the good thing is that, we have taken advantage of negotiation, dialogue and things are moving in the right direction. I am very sure that before the primaries we would have fully reconciled.

Are you saying peace has returned to the party?

Amongst the SWC we have reconciled, we are just working out the logistics, we have fully reconciled in my own view, just the logistics of what is involved. The few things that both factions have done different, we have to put them together and start moving on from there.

I can boldly tell Ndi Abia that APGA in Abia State is one body and united.


Do you see chances for APGA in 2019 election in Abia State?

Once there is light darkness goes. The current government is not doing well, the people have tried them for 16 years now and their capacity to do better is not another chance. We don’t have the time to waste for another chance on a group of people who do not desire to do well, this government does not desire to be successfully, so it is easy to ease them out of governance and we intend to do that in 2019.

We won the 2015 election in any case, but the legalistic structure of Nigeria upturned in their favour. While we respect the supreme court judgement, we also understand that Ndi Abia love APGA , they love what we represent, they love the package we are coming on board with, they love the quality of men , the technocrats we have in APGA, the successful entrepreneurs, the leaders of men that we have in APGA. These men are outstanding compare to what PDP has made available for the past 18 years and are still going to make available.

It is only in PDP that you will ask people who have failed to return, is it to come and repeat a class, this is not a school because lives are involved.

It is the same PDP government that instituted the python dance that killed our youths, they have not made any public apology of it and I think it is appalling, disappointing and I wonder how our PVCs and our votes will not count this time to vote this people out.

Despite the roads the governor is reconstructing in Aba, are you saying he is not doing well?

Well, if you do roads and people cannot afford to use that road, it is a wasted. Why can they not afford to use the road, because they are not being paid their salaries, so they can’t buy food, salaries are being owed for several months now.

On the roads they are building, what percentage of our income are used. Are they using 1-1, you get N10b and you use N10b on roads, or are they using N1b out of N10b, where is the remaining money.

What is the matrix, what is the ration, compare Abia state with Ebonyi state, why have they built 3 flyovers, fountain parks, better education system, salaries are paid on the 26th of every month and we can’t even pay salaries here?

Go to government house just by that fast-food there, you will see pile of heap of rubbish, is that really our seat power. So, you see, very basic things are not done and this was a man who was an expert in cleaning waste, scaled up to the rank of the governor.



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