Ogah Vs Ikpeazu’s Logjam: The True Position And The Distraction [Must Read]


Press Release 

Since after what transpired in the High Court in Abuja came public, a lot of versions of the decision of Justice Abang is flying all over the internet with different meaning.

Before you get confused, this are what you need to know.


The refusal of Justice Abang of the Federal High Court to hear the Application for stay of execution of Dr Okezie Ikpeazu means that the judgement he delivered on the 27th of June still stands until it is reversed by a higher court, this time the Court of Appeal and/or later the Supreme Court.



It is important to point out that the judgement of the federal high court Owerri in which the reliefs of Mr Nwosu were dismissed is very favorable to Dr Uche Ogah.



It would have been otherwise if the Court in Owerri had ordered Dr Ikpeazu to vacate his seat for Mr Nwosu to take over.


Mr Nwosu came under weak foundation,

(1) He alleged forgery of the tax papers, that allegation must be proved beyond reasonable doubts.

Did  Dr. Okezie really forged his tax papers? The answer is capital No, but did his tax papers contain false informations, the answer is capital YES.


These are two different things that must be distinguished. He was therefore unable to prove forgery and so had his reliefs denied.

(2).His case against Dr. Uche Ogah is that Dr Uche failed to sign the Result Sheet and so cannot be a beneficiary of what he refused to acknowledge. The court dismissed that arm of claim as the foundation of such claims lacks merit and not sustainable. He had all his reliefs denied and thrown out.

The prayer of Abians remain that UCHE CHUKWU GA EME NA ABIA.

We heard though not confirmed that the Osisioma High Court has extended its illegal ex parte order to God knows when. These are panicky measures that will be corrected later in the appellate courts. If this illegality is allowed or tolerated by the judiciary we might as well kiss goodbye to our democracy. It is absurdity of unimaginable proportion!

Await further updates.

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  1. Ugonna Chinyere says

    Hmmmmmmm!! God help ur people oooooh

  2. Sunday Anya says

    Please Sir, Mr governor give Mr OGA a chance we change in Abia state

  3. Kelechi Nwosu says

    Appeal Court will direct us well fools

  4. Nnamdi Basil says

    Onye iberibe

  5. Oluchukwu Eric-Obioha says

    I wonder why the so called journalists of this AFN have not been apprehended…. Since Dr. Ikpeazu assumed office, their only job is to tarnish his image for just no course…. ABIA FALSE NEWS… UR DAYS ARE NUMBERED…… STOP dis ur biased journalism because it is not helping matters rather it is making things difficult because you are deceiving people and also contributing to the increase in the low mentality of those who don’t think before listening and agreeing to all these your false news…… A WORD IS ENOUGH FOR THE WISE

    1. Iheanacho Okechukwu Victor says

      if u don’t like dia information beta dont read or comment,dey r oda news papers out dia…teling dem to stop bias journalism is of no use….

    2. Oluchukwu Eric-Obioha says

      IHEANACHO OKECHUKWU VICTOR, from ur looks, you’re a matured adult and as that adult that you are, whether educated or not you should be smarter than this…. There should be signs of better thinking in you…. If you are asked to list at least 3 offences committed by Dr Ikpeazu that should lead to the unnecessary tarnishing of his image, I’m quit sure that you won’t be able to single out half of one…. Try your very best to go back, read this man’s history and judge him yourself…. I’m not an abian but he that sees the truth especially adults and the aged, they should speak it out……

  6. Onyegiri Ugochukwu says

    Motor Park understanding.If you don’t know what to say keep quiet.

  7. Darusalam Peterson says

    I was explaining this issue to one guy the
    other day but he kept arguing with me.
    u can not pass a judgement bordering on
    forgery of documents if same can be verified
    by the issuing body, but in this case, NO
    VERIFICATION took place b4 okon abang
    passed his judgment.
    he is a bias, lazy, corrupt and bad judge. Infact Abang should be Arested immediately.



  8. Ezinne A Elekwa says

    Darusalam his case is not on forgery with ikpeazu.

  9. Darusalam Peterson says

    On what then?

  10. Chinonso Okoroafor says

    what evil has Afn done to u people again. giving u an update is now evil. corrupt minded people.

  11. Emmanuel Wills Nwamarah says

    Beautiful face on an empty head . I don’t blame you… Just the nature of were you came from.

  12. Emmanuel Wills Nwamarah says

    You can’t read and understand simple write up with English i wonder oo…

  13. Emmanuel Wills Nwamarah says

    False information not forgery… How one 4yrs tax recipt be is a serial no were the tax been paid one day since he claimed that his taxes is been deduct from his salary as a state employee?

    F.N Nwosu’s is not only a victory for Ikpeazu… But also a victory for pdp, inec and Ogah who is the 4th respondent in that case… What you don’t understand ask and stop living with Ikpeazu’s propagandas

  14. Darusalam Peterson says

    @ Emmanuel….i dnt argue wit fools like you.

  15. Darusalam Peterson says

    False information, based on Abang’s ruling, arose from Governor Okezie copying out data in his tax clearance form and swearing them to be correct to the best of his knowledge in his PDP nomination form. If you find that his tax clearance certificate was validly issued by the tax authorities (BIR) then you cannot accuse him of giving false information. Dr ikpeazu gave information supllied by those who should supply it, i.e (BIR).

    So what are talking abt?

  16. Chinedu Amara says

    False information is false information and it cant stand on any credible law court. Just know that ignorance is not an excuse when it comes to law be it BIR or OVI that made the mistake.

  17. Darusalam Peterson says

    What is fales in the information?

  18. Darusalam Peterson says
  19. Darusalam Peterson says


    The attention of the Abia State Internal Revenue Service has been drawn to a court judgement of the Federal High Court Abuja on the tax clearance certificate issued to Dr. Okezie Victor Ikpeazu by the Service, and hereby makes the following clarifications:

    1. That the tax clearance certificate referred to in that Judgment was duly issued to Dr. Okezie Victor Ikpeazu by the Service, and was therefore not fake.

    2. That the taxes for the years 2011,2012 and 2013 were PAYE taxes deducted at source from his personal emoluments by his employers (Abia State Passengers’ Integrated Manifest Scheme and Abia State Environmental Sanitation Authority respectively) and remitted to the service in the relevant tax years

    3. That the dates on the tax receipts of the relevant years (2011, 2012 and 2013) did not suggest that they were paid on those dates, but only reflected the date he applied to be issued with the receipts, because that was when he needed them.

    4. In the same vein the dates on the tax receipts did not suggest that they were written out on those days. The date on the receipts only indicates the last day of the last month of the year, when the PAYE tax payer became entitled to the receipts, as the receipts could not have carried a date earlier or later than the 31st December of the relevant tax year. It is immaterial that it fell on a Saturday, Sunday or any other day of the week. For example if 31st December 2011 fell on a Saturday, in the month following i.e January, when the receipts are to be written out, it cannot carry any date in January 2012 or any other month in 2012.

    5. That his taxes having been deducted by his afore said employers and remitted to the service within the relevant years will not be said to have been paid on the same day, as such were paid as at when due. In fact the issue

  20. Darusalam Peterson says

    In fact the issue of payment as at when due does not apply to PAYE taxes because the tax payer has no part to play in the deduction and remittance of his PAYE as the same is done by his employer. Where there is failure to deduct and remit PAYE taxes, it is the employer and not the tax payer that is liable. See LSIRS and Seven Up Bottling Company reported in year 2000.

    Having stated the facts as they are above, we make bold to say that the tax returns filed by Dr. Okezie Victor Ikpeazu to his party (Peoples Democratic Party) were neither false nor fake and cannot be said to amount to fraudulent payment of taxes.

    Consequently, we affirm that both the Tax Clearance Certificate and the tax receipts referred to in the afore said judgment were the documents of Abia State Internal Revenue Service because same was authored by the Service as the authority empowered by law to do so.

    Finally, we state emphatically for the records and for the attention of the general public that we were never invited (subpoenaed) by the court or the plaintiff, Dr. Uchechukwu Ogah during the pendency of the subject suit that led to the judgment in Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu’s tax matter to state the authenticity or otherwise of the tax papers in issue.

    Udochukwu G. Ogbonna
    Executive Chairman.

  21. Alex Peters says

    AFN if u loose this one u hv 2 close market ok

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