From the information made available by EFCC, we learnt that 1.4Billion was found in the account of the PDP spokesman Chief Olisa Metuh. It was learnt that he has confessed how the 400 Million came about but yet to disclose the source of the remaining 1 Billion. We are putting it to EFCC to dig deeper and look inward to Abia State where probably the 1 Billion should came from. Why we are of this suggestion is that there was a finger pointing on 6th December 2014, 2 days to PDP governorship Primaries that former Gov. T.A. Orji of Abia State gave Olisa Metuh 2 Billion Naira to enable him have his way of writing the names of the candidates that should represent PDP in the general election. The deal was executed and the aggrieved like Dr. Uchechukwu Ogah was ignored even when it was cleared that the delegates voted for him.

Now that court of Appeal has given a common man in Abia State hope by restoring the mandate given to Dr. Alex Otti which was hijacked by PDP and Ikpeazu, EFCC should help Abians more by recovering our funds which is in the hands of Olisa Metuh now that Metuh is still in their custody.

There are indications that Abia State funds are in the account of Metuh because Abia State was one of his cash cows during the election especially during PDP primaries and the main election which everybody saw his influence. There were publications that they sold all the PDP ticket to T.A. Orji at the cost of 2 Billion Naira that was reason why they wrote candidates name instead of conducting primaries. Olisa Metuh was the instigator; he converted Abia State to his second home during elections and applauding T.A. Orji even for a project he never done.

Starting from PDP ward congress, house of assembly to governorship in Abia State, there were no primaries. Just to fulfil all righteousness they conducted a charade in the name of governorship primaries which Dr. Uchechukwu Samson Ogah was robbed his victory. His complains were given deaf ears because Olisah Metuh already helped T.A. Orji to settle other ringleaders.

It could be that 1 Billion out the 1.4Billion that Olisa Metuh has not said the source belongs to Abia State and we asked EFCC to continue holding him until he opens up. We want the fund given to be Metuh and others to return especially now that Abia State is broke. EFCC should know that Abians passed through hell from T.A.Orji and should endeavour to help us recover our funds used for the razzle-dazzle PDP primaries.


What is happening now is an indication that more souls would go in at Abia state level. Even those that collected unscrupulous funds from T.A. Orji and betrayed their party APGA will soon call to answer why such fund was given to them. It is unfolding that the time of using state fund to play politics has gone so let every soul that ate Abia state money in the name of buying them and their party prepare to refund or be jailed.

Those that were politically compensated with Abia State developmental funds during election period should start gathering the funds to return it because the era of returning funds have started and some people have already given the precedence.

Article by Onyemdi Nlewedum from Umuahia Abia State.

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  1. Chika A Michael says

    I hear say Abia dey smell EFCC, EFCC. lol

  2. Uchechukwu Igiri Kalu says

    That serves him right

  3. Joseph Ulu says

    It’s a question of time, OCHENDO & his cronies would be brought to book for mismanagement, misapplication & embezzlement of Abia funds.

  4. Don Stanley says

    This money would have installed local or international airport in Abia state.. T.A orji God will judge you

  5. Kalu Egwuronu says

    It’s Abia bribe monies from Okezie and TA

  6. Ubani Chris says

    Story story story

  7. Ubani Chris says

    Afn story story story rubbished

  8. Ude Nduka Ndukwo says

    Pls I hate to see the pic of that beast called t.a orji.and all what you said is the truth NTA will bear me witness on the day of congress.

  9. Ude Nduka Ndukwo says

    Why are they crying now? When people like Acho nwakanma,Abaribe,Okezie and co were humiliated during PDP congress and they think they rest of abiansc can would allowed themselves to be insulted by the same man. AlEX OTI YOU ARE A REAL MAN.

  10. Odinakachukwu Emmanuel says

    If eventually that EFCC is looking for thief t.a orji otti am sorry for you cos you are the man behind all the mess

    1. Bank Jaja Izuwa Okoro says

      People and their shallow minds. If Otti was the man behind d mess, that means u were their secretary or accountant. Onuru buru anughi zie.

  11. Fame Desmond says

    up Alex otti.u r d man

  12. Ubani Chris says

    Ochandu remain the best governor any day any time hv reason saying it

  13. Chidiebere Jethro Umeh says

    I tire o for a particular set of ethnic group in Abia State. This ethic group claimed that AFN only report rubbish and write negative things about Gov. Okezie Ikpeazu and his administration on it platform. Still, day by day, these people from that ethnic group follow comments posted on AFN timeline/page on daily basis. Therefore, i suggest to people from that particular ethnic group to either stop visiting or following comments posted on AFN timeline or stop logging into AFN page since they are not comfortable with AFN reports. I advice this particular ethnic group in Abia State to jettison barbaric and primordial sentiments and brace up with the present reality on ground. Abia lost glory must be restored in no distance time. Whoever that will restore the dignity and lost glory of Abia should step in for a better Abia

  14. Chym Promise says

    Some people always shout of wolves were there existed non

  15. Chris Nwaajawanmaobj says

    Me ya ihe emere ibe ya.

  16. Simeon Onyeje says

    Olisa metu who came to inec office in umuahia to cause trouble DAT we are into now by intimidating d electoral umpire in favour of d unpopular pdp against d collective aspiration of Abians who voted Dr. Ottib & Change.

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