You will recall, that on the 13th of July 2019, Hon. Lady Nkiruka Onyejeocha and a Team of Experts from the National Ecological Office made a working visit to the horrendous Erosion Gullies threatening to swallow up entire Villages at various Sites across Isukwuato and Umunneochi Federal Constituency.

This critical visit was sequel to various letters, entreaties, Lobbies and contacts spanning several months painstakingly carried out by Hon Nkiruka Onyejeocha.

The result is that after the successful outing, those sites were dutifully captured in detail in the data base of the current Ecological Office and action started at various stages.

Curiously, some days ago, you, Sen. Orji Uzor Kalu floated a letter in the social media purportedly written to some Federal Agencies.

 In that letter you listed some erosion sites around the Bende, Arochukwu and Ohofia axis.

That led to an uproar from well-meaning Isukwuato Citizens.

And, yesterday, you brought out another letter wherein you described the massive Isukwuato Erosion Gullies as “New Sites”.

To put the records straight, Hon Nkiruka Onyejeocha together with the Team from Abuja visited and captured the following:

1.Ahaba Eluama-Imenyi gully erosion site

2.Umuanya Okpara ovim.

3.Oghighe Oguduasa

4.Oruruala Oguduasa

5.Ohukabi Aligbara Oguduasa

6.Ohukabi Aligbara Oguduasa (Double) and

7.Ohukabi Ndijibi Oguduasa


1.Umuogele Amuda

2.Umuada Ngodo and

3.Ohuolugho- Amokwo Site.

4. Ibii- Obinolu Site

ALL the above are decades old and were in existence even while you were Governor.

That’s why I , together with your other well-meaning Constituents,  read with shock those copies of your correspondence with some Federal Establishments currently in circulation on the social Media.

What exactly where you trying to achieve?

Such public display of perfidy is not only obnoxious but INIMICAL to your office in your quest to serve our people.

Official Letters are classified documents and are not meant to be used for grandstanding or impress any individual or group.

 If all the 109 Senators and Hundreds of Members of the House of Representatives begin to flip around their Letters to Ministries, Departments and Agencies like you are doing, Nigeria would degenerate into one chaotic Banana Republic.

Therefore, Sir, in order to succeed, you need to use this holiday and do the following quickly:

1) Convene a Meeting with the APC Members of the House of Representatives and House of Assembly from Abia North and form a synergy that will enable the Team maximize their impact on the lives of your Constituents.

Please, we urge you to stop working at cross purposes especially on serious Development Issues affecting our lives. By trying to undermine anybody or take credit for anybody’s labour, you are insulting our sensibilities especially when you classified our Constituency as ” newly affected Communities” which is most unfortunate.

2) You must immediately retain the Services of EXPERIENCED Legislative Aides and Consultants as most of your recent letters are riddled with unintended errors both in diction and connotation.

3) You now need to wait, watch, consult and think before you comment on sensitive National Issues affecting us, your voters. You can’t speak for yourself and claim to be speaking our mind. Your recent pronouncements on RUGA and Igbo Interest doesn’t represent the majority opinion of Ndi Abia North.

4) You must immediately divest yourself of any form of superiority complex . Times have changed. Politics today thrives more when you reach out to power Centers and incoporate various Interests into your mission. Any attempt to engage in a delusional solo flight this time around will prove very disastrous for your recuperating Political Career.

A word is enough for the wise.

Fullest Regards.

Barr Eze Chikamnayo.

15th August 2019.

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