Time and again the call has been made on the issue of our great party, the All Progressive Congress, the APC, and the need for character definition and judgment, morality of actions and the principle of execution.

And Amobi Ogah just proved us right that the choice between desperation and the principle and morality of thinking and reasoning are a parallel that at the end of the day morality and principle in thinking would always supersede.

While the celebrations of Dr. Uche Ogah having clinched the gubernatorial ticket for the party to be crowned the governor of Abia State to rescue her from its subjective rots for these many years have still not abated, the younger brother decided to add spices to the celebrations by toeing the path of responsibility by standing down on his tall ambition of representing Isuikwuato/Umunneochi at the Federal House of Representative. His reason?
“As you are aware that my elder brother, Dr. Uche Ogah, was elected as the party’s gubernatorial candidate on 3rd October2018. As a man from a noble family, I have resolved not to continue my pursuit for the Federal House of Representative so as to support my brother clinch the highly exulted position as the number one citizen of Abia State…” He said.

A man of nobility making a noble decision knowing that nobility cannot join issue with greed and desperation which are beginning to grace the landscape of the country’s political terrain.

So, what are the political and otherwise implications of this decision from this man of honour and nobility? It means there is vacancy in Isuikwuato/Umunneochi constituency at the Federal House of Representative, and pure reason and thinking based on the same noble thinking that engineered Amobi’s decision should dictate that the ticket should be given to Lady Lilian Chinasa Obenwa. And the party should do well, and urgently, too, to address this concern to avoid whatever distrust within and without the party.

There is the clamour that now that Ogah junior has decided to resign from his political pursuit to that house of law; the ticket should be handed over to Hon. Nkeiruka. This will not play down well with the party as well as natural law, unless the party, at the local level, with the Abia conclave, want to leave it in the hands of indecisive youths and some leaders with shady character who would want to do otherwise because overtime they have always been beneficiaries of short term palliatives against the cementing of their future.

Hon. Nkeiruka should know the right thing to do, if she does not, then, thank goodness Amobi Ogah has just shown the way; the national leadership of the party being spearheaded by the dogged and rugged Adams Oshiomole should know the right thing to do and the youths must realize that an opportunity has just been presented to them by the noble act of Amobi Ogah to readdress their priority and future which no amount of money can buy. That Isuikwuato/Umunneochi is not the birthright of Nkeiruka, the evil of zoning aside, that her twelve years of service to the community are enough, which all and sundry are grateful, and it is time she began to look in a different political direction of conquest that would benefit both the party and constituency.

Now that the seat is almost vacant, Lady Lilian Chinasa Obenwa has just one job left on her plate to secure the ticket of the party from that axis. She needs now to work with Amobi Ogah and his supporters to make them realize why she is the real deal against a woman who is being motivated by political greed and the desperation to dim a light.

Amobi Ogah on his own part must allow his principled walk and decision to continue by forming a formidable team with Lady Lilian Chinasa Obenwa for the realization of the most relevant.

The younger Ogah may have performed a noble act which the state would recall for a long time and his resignation coming at the right time to pave way for a fresher idea, energetic mind, but political thinking still suggests that he can ever remain active, not only now that Ogah senior is already assured and the possibility for the state house in 2019 is unquestionable, also when he pitches tent with an equally young Lady Lilian Chinasa Obenwa who is yet energetic and idealistic against an old fox who is tired out but only relying on old gains and the evil tricks and cunning of evil politics to make herself relevant.

In all this, the youths must hold themselves accountable for their future and the moment is now; they must decide now and wisely, because there was a time when a woman was favoured to represent them on the heels of a gracious soul who is now forgotten and that woman has amassed so much riches and wealth at their expense for which a trickle is given to them daily to their jubilation because they have allowed themselves to be hindered by progressive and developmental reasoning and conviction that life can be much better for them when there is the right environment for them to express their creative will.

The youths and leaders of the party must follow the principled path of a noble Amobi Ogah for a rekindle of the light. Hon. Nkeiruka has done enough, she has been wonderful, but she has to go!

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