The last two days has offered Ndi Abia at home and abroad the golden opportunity to access the capacity and preparedness of the candidates aspiring to lead the state from May this year.

The debates put together by the Caritas Foundation (Catholic Diocese of Umuahia) and the Abia State Election Debate Group was a great opportunity to identify who the real contenders are, separate the serious candidates from those who merely wish to make higher demands from the godfathers at the negotiating table a day or two before or after the main election.

It has also been a great time for the candidates to articulate and sell their programs to the Abia electorate, put up their policy proposals for evaluation and offer the people a snapshot to the workings of their minds.
As expected, Dr Alex Otti- the APGA governorship candidate- demonstrated through the debates that he is fully prepared and understands what it takes to kick-start sound development programs in the state. This wasn’t a surprise to listeners and observers, after all, he is the most prepared materially and mentally, no wonder his manifesto has literally become a Best-seller.

Otti is the only candidate in this electoral without any form of political or economic baggage. He has no godfather, neither is he a puppet of any powerful interest or political bloc. His only loyalty is to God and the people of the state.

Dr Otti is a self-sponsored candidate with the extensive reach and connection to drive rapid socio-economic development in Abia. Dr Otti understands development in real terms as a professional economist. As a banker, who had leveraged the positive mechanism of financial institutions and agencies, local and international to set heartwarming records in the corporate world, he appreciates the role of finance and knows where to pull the needed funding for Abia development from.

His long relationship with the biggest players in finance and economics across the world is sure to rob off positively on Abia when he is elected the governor this March. An Otti administration would be a radical departure from the morass and mediocre razzmatazz being currently ravaging the state, wherein very primitive and timid men have hijacked and reduced development in Abia to the very limits of their native exposure.

Through his well-articulated vision and program map which is designed to cover every aspect of the state- education, economy, SMEs, health, manpower development, sports and tourism and others, the Otti administration would open up the system for young brilliant minds who have been shut out of government by the present system which only favours mediocrity to get the opportunity to serve their fatherland.

Dr Otti at the debates made it a point of duty to demonstrate a very sharp knowledge of the economic and social needs of Abians, and he did with references to specific empirical datta. He knows the misery the non-payment of salaries and pensions is causing families and would make it a point of duty to see that from June 2019, civil servants across MDAs in the state would receive their payment at the latest on the 25th work day of the month. That was the norm in the banking sector where he is coming from, and where he practically demonstrated it to the admiration and envy of colleagues, so he would have no difficulty transferring the template to the Abia state civil service.

Under an Otti administration, the economic space would be opened up, young professionals would no longer need to flee the state in droves, those with brilliant business ideas would get the needed support to float and grow their businesses right here. Farmers would get appropriate support to commercialise their operations while artisans would be exposed to new markets to broaden their reach.

Dr Otti will not do it alone, He needs your support and corporation as we march to reclaim our state from political pharaohs. Visit www.alexotti.com to sign up as a volunteer, mobilise your family and friends, tell them that only Alex Otti has what it takes to sincerely transform Abia. The creation of a new Abia is in our hands.

Enough Is Enough, Let’s Join Hands With Otti And APGA To Break The Slave Masters Chains!

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