The legendary Igbo leader and founding father of APGA, Dim. Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu ( Eze Igbo Gburugburu)of blessed memory once declared “We do not play politics. We are not masochists; rather, we are people who choose to hunger a little to remain alive instead of feeding fat to become respectable corpses.”

While making this altruistic declaration aimed at advancing the cause of his people while upholding his integrity, he would never have imagined that a morally bankrupt felon with zero integrity called Victor Oye would one day preside over the affairs of a political party he Ojukwu played a strategic role in establishing, and still use same to defraud and oppress same people Ojukwu laboured to salvage.

Without doubt, Victor Oye, the immediate past national chairman of APGA holds a philosophy that is completely opposite of the one Ojukwu preached. Oye believes in playing not just politics of the stomach, but petty and anti people politics, and he did so in APGA in the most dishonorable and despicable manner in his desperate quest to overcome the hunger that had ravaged him for years.

Against Odumegwu Ojukwu’s warning, Oye prefers to be a stinking living soul with some ill-gotten dollar and naira notes now, and a disrespected corpse hereafter, than enduring a temporary hunger. Simply put, Victor Oye is a mindless masochist!

After ruthlessly dealing with APGAns while he held sway as national chairman through criminal exploitations carried out in the name of sale of nomination forms and conduct of primaries; primaries that later became a hoax, he has the dubious audacity to insist on presiding over the affairs of same party he turned into a destructive Ponzi Scheme, even after the expiration of his inglorious tenure. What an audacity of idiocy!

As a national chairman, this desperado did absolutely nothing to lift the status of the party, instead he sat idly in his dirty office, giving directives and positioning conmen who would help him scam innocent aspirants and candidates in 2019, and when the time got ripe, he swooped on APGA aspirants in different parts of the country, especially Anambra, Imo and Abia, and by the time the coast was clear, the tragedy he brought to bear turned out to be more devastating than that of the MMM Ponzi Scheme. It was all tears of sorrow, anguish and regrets courtesy of this Local Marvrody, called Oye.

While Victor Oye and the dozens of jobless youths he hurriedly hired recently to launder his decayed image as well as  defame respected  APGA leaders and stakeholders who were provoked to ask critical questions and ensure he is brought to Justice, he, Oye has failed to provide answers to the numerous legitimate posers from all quarters, some of which are:

1. How could a party like APGA be so monetized to the extent that a delegate for primary election would need to buy four delegate forms, House of Assembly, House of Reps, Senate and Governorship at ten thousand naira each against what was obtainable in all the other political parties?

2. Why would Oye fraudulently remove the names of original winners of primary elections in many places and replace them with people who never won or stood for primaries?

3. Why would Victor Oye issue different Certificates of Return to up to two to three individuals for a particular seat, just because he wanted to extort money from them?

4. Why would Victor Oye collect billions of naira from aspirants, especially Governorship and Senatorial aspirants, especially in Imo State and refuse to conduct primaries?

5. Why would Victor Oye and co-travellers intentionally exclude the names of Aspirants who purchased nomination forms and were successfully screened few days before the scheduled primaries, just because he wanted them to come and bargain with money?

6. Why should Victor Oye, a fake APGAn be so arrogant and unreasonable to the extent of unilaterally suspending and sacking committed and honest members of APGA from the party, just because they had the effrontery to question his atrocities and demand for sanity in the running of the party?

Today, Victor Oye is up against a nationally and internationally respected financial guru and the APGA Abia governorship candidate, Dr. Alex Otti OFR, who helped enormously give APGA a new and productive face in Abia, just because Otti, in conjunction with other leaders of the party fought gallantly to stop him from selling the party to our opponents in Abia prior to 2019.

Oye, a broke ass turned overnight billionaire is presently issuing insulting releases concerning APGA Abia state while using his many hungry clowns to dish out moronic Mumbo-Jumbo in the name of writeups against Alex Otti; a man he is unfit to sleep in his Boys Quarters!

Alex Otti’s crime against Victor Oye presently is his insistence like many other respected sons and daughters of the zone that APGA should be cleaned up to reflect the vision of the founding fathers and meet the expectations of our people who are yearning for good governance.

But is Alex Otti bothered by the tactless tantrums of this timid traitor, no he is not, because the baggage-carrying notorious undertaker can be likened to the proverbial Nza that got overfed and decided to challenge its Chi to a wrestling contest. Yes, Oye has defrauded his innocent and vulnerable kinsmen in the name of party politics and gotten some money that has given him a fake status of a big boy, but just like all promoters of Ponzi Schemes, he has no genuine foundation and no legitimate office, and thus he is bound to collapse, especially now that he has resorted to buying a Bullet Proof SUV with the fear that those he ripped off might come after him.

Next time Oye and his co clowns decide to dish out their gibberish against a fine gentleman like Alex Otti that has nothing in common with him, he and those he seeks to deceive should be reminded that Alex Otti is a productive mind who is at a level Oye can never attain, and thus Otti cannot come down to their level.

He should be reminded that Alex Otti was not the one that asked former governor Ikedi Ohakim, Chief Humphrey Anumudu, Chief Okey Eze, Chief Frank Nneji  of ABC Transport, Chief Stanley Amuchie and many others to drag him, Victor Oye to various courts and EFCC for defrauding them in the name of party politics.

Oye needs to be reminded that Otti wasn’t the reason why he is enviously fighting to destroy the only APGA Senator, Chief Victor Umeh and many other respected APGA sons and daughters from Anambra who are opposed to the despicable actions of Oye and his allies.

Otti is not the reasons why dozens of APGAns from Anambra, Imo, Abia and other states have vowed to ensure that Oye is seriously punished for his actions.

Victor Oye needs to be educated that the true definition of Cowardice and Insanity put together is his unjustified venom and unprovoked onslaughts against the wife of our late leader, Her. Excellency, Chief Mrs. Bianca Odumegwu Ojukwu, who is not just the face of womanhood in APGA, but a sound mind who has carried herself with honor and dignity in a manner Ojukwu would have treasured.

Because Victor Oye who is now known in many quarters as the Ekperima Chief detests excellence and cherishes mediocrity, he and the male and female clowns around him felt subdued by Mrs. Bianca Ojukwu’s brightness and sophistry that propelled her to intelligently scrutinize and condemn those evil practices in APGA, Oye and co decided to vilify and intimidate her out of the way.

While some respected leaders of APGA, especially in Imo state who were defrauded to the tune of hundreds of millions intensify efforts to ensure that Victor Oye is committed to jail, Oye and his co-travellers must be reminded that it’s all over for them in APGA. Their misplaced aggression won’t achieve anything, especially after two competent courts of law deservedly stopped them from seizing the party through the back door in the name of convention, before his dark era came to an end a few days ago.

Respected leaders and stakeholders know how important APGA is to us, and thus are determined to ensure that the party is sanitized and its pride restored.

Already there is so much joy in the APGA family since our people learnt that the Sinful Soul who presided over the most atrocious Bazaar in their Holy Temple (APGA) has been excommunicated and ostracized, paving the way for Cleansing of the Holy Temple.

Like Dim Odumegwu Ojukwu once declared “It’s better to separate a bit and live in peace, than to live together and burn to ashes”. We have gotten rid of Victor Oye, because we want to end the crisis, have our peace, and be victorious, and without doubt; Oye is a true definition of good riddance to bad rubbish!

Israel Chukwuemeka Alozie

Abia State APGA Stakeholder

Note: This is the view of the writer, it does not represent the view or position of Abia Facts Newspaper.

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  1. Dyke O. Uche says

    Your write up is just apt! I salute your courage to speak truth to power.
    Those assemblage of Buccaneering gang at APGA Hqtrs led by the Pondzi himself IKE OYE & encouraged by the irresponsible undertaker gov Obiano must be flushed out of APGA , flugged & jailed. Pls lets rise up in unity & match forward to recover & redeem APGA from this gluten undertakers led by Malvrody Ike OYE & his gang.

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