Kalu Chukwuemeka Udeh is a young poet of 22 years, he has written over 200 poems, Abia Facts Newspaper will be publishing and showcasing Kalu’s poems as our way of promoting talents and exposing them.


Enjoy this poem titled :


The ant that bits and flies away

Will soon die and forget its way

And the leader that leads and eats alone

Will soon cry and say ‘hard I known’.


The elephant that matches on the grass and smile

Will one day cry and die

And the leader that leads today

Tomorrow will not lead nor know our away.


Abia that is like this to day

Was not like this yesterday

So rejoice and forget your sorrow

For it must be well with Abians tomorrow.


Though things are very hard with Abians

But let us not think or act like aliens

For many mighty men are here in Abia

They are the youths,the great giants of Abia.


The youths,yes,they are the giants of tomorrow

They must lead others to follow

Abians rejoice our youths are not in horror

They are those student studying for tomorrow.


So don’t boarder about our leaders and all their many a member

For we are the God’s own state-The Enyimba

Our God can never sleep nor slumber

He cares from January too December.





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