In this hot Press Release, Abia State APGA Chairman Rev. Augustine Ehiemere has consoled Abian on what he called the miserable and suffering condition of the people. He advised Abians to prepare to vote out PDP in 2019 and vote in APGA as a better alternative.



Our heart bleeds daily for the continuous hardship, suffering and decay in the state which is making life miserable.

It is both sad and shocking that after twenty years of democratic rule, Abia state is the only south-eastern state, perhaps in Nigeria as a whole that is worst in all aspects of developmental indices than it was before PDP took over political and economic control of the state.

Notably, some factors that pulled us into this mess are:

Imposition of persons that lack leadership qualities as leaders, god-fatherism, refusal to allow people’s vote to count, insensitivity of politicians to plight of citizens, civil service degradation, abysmal neglect of maintenance of basic amenities and rising corruption.

Whereas other states in the south east has extricate themselves from this monstrous god-fatherism, the ruling party PDP in Abia state has retained it as tradition and style of governance. The consequence is the persistent strangulation and draining of public fund to service the insatiable greed of the god-fathers and their agents.

That this trend has become more chronic under the regime of Gov. Okezie Ikpeazu Phd is very clear. We do not know how we can describe a political party that for 20years continue to plunder fund meant to develop the state and improve the living conditions of Ndi Abia and her residence.

We cannot see any justification for starving workers and pensioners for periods ranging from 7months to 1 year and some pensioners owed 1year & 6months. While his predecessors did not owe salaries in their first term in office, governor Ikpeazu’s regime has from its onset treated civil servants and pensioners with disdain.

The government has repeatedly complained of shortage of allocation from FAAC as the reason.

Other states have similar experience in reduction of FAAC monthly allocation. Yet states like Anambara that receives less allocation than Abia state pays their workers and pensioners on or before 28th of each month.

For clarity, the low receipt of FAAC allocation is as a result of reduction in revenue from oil, and other sources of income, and not by the arbitrary will of the president Buhari as most people are deceived by PDP to believe.

For example, the PDP regime of president Goodluck Jonathan got about $360 bill from oil sales between 2010 to 2014:while the present regime has got about $121 billion from May 2018 to August 2018. The low oil output notwithstanding president Buhari’s regime has not shortchanged any state.

I can authoritatively state that Abia State under Governor Okezie Ikpeazu has got over N232 billion from May 2015 to August 2018. This amount include about N196 billion from monthly FAAC allocation, N14.2 billion bailout fund and tranches of Paris club refund that amounted to N22 billion. This is excluding IGR and loans obtained from financial institutions.

The Abia state commission of finance stated that the monthly wage bill of the state is N2.3 billion. This means that N27.6 billion will clear one year salaries and pensions. At that rate the State  need N89.5 billion for salaries and pensions for that period of May have a balance of N142 billion excess for other developmental concerns. Then what reasons can the Governor and his loyalists or praise singers forward to justify the starving of civil servants and pensioners.

It is appalling that under Gov. Okezie Ikpeazu who was once a teacher most institutions such as College of Education Arochukwu, Abia Poly Aba and health institutions are owed 10 months salary arrears as at September 2018. The same ordeal is tormenting primary and secondary school teachers, who are being owed between 5+8 months arrears.

Abia State has been brought to a situation where due to government lack of maintenance culture all big and medium scale factories have collapsed. And most commercial activities depend on civil servants salaries for circulation of fund to boost their trade.

This starving of civil servants has impacted negatively and frustrated economic activities and families. The number of school dropouts is rising from time to time because their parents can no longer sustain them.

Moreover, infrastructures in the State was much better two decades ago. Roads, industries and other economic boosters have been in steady decline. The decay of all basic amenities have reached a proportion that is so horrific and mind bogging. Should anyone doubt my reports, let him personally visit all the major roads in Abia State; Aba Port-Harcourt Express Road, Ikot-Ekpene Road, Port-Harcourt Road, Cemetery Road, Ngwa Road, Arochukwu Ohafia Road and hundreds of rural roads across the State.

It is also sad that even the few roads they either recoated, expanded or built such as Ukegbu Road, Ogbor-Hill, Faulks Road, New Umuahia Road, Etche Road, to mention but few are already collapsing due to poor quality work, but at a highly inflated cost, when compared with what is applicable in other  States road construction costs.

However, on behalf of the APGA family, I once again thank all Abia citizens and residents who has voted for APGA in 2015 election to end their 16 years of bad rule. A mandate which the PDP robbed to continue the gang-rape of the State.

We empathize with you all and console all of us for the undeserved ordeal we have continue to suffer under PDP regime for 20 years.

However, I encourage all Abia people and residents to keep hope alive and come out more in number to vote APGA again in 2019 elections. As the State Chairman of the party, I assure all noble citizens that APGA is now more prepared and the template is more favorable to see that your vote for APGA candidates will certainly count. And APGA government will certainly usher in the much needed development revolution.


Augustine Ehiemere

APGA, Abia State Chairman


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