Before going into details, let me quickly get your answers to the following questions…

1. When Diamond bank sited branches of the bank in Abiriba and Isialangwa, was the decision solely to employ Abians or for the bank to make profit considering the flow of business in those areas?

2. Was the decision to site a diamond bank branch in Abia State a personal decision of Mr Alex Otti without inputs from other executives of the bank?

3. Was Abia State the only state that benefited from such ‘ open gift ‘ of having diamond bank branches in the country ?

4. If the answer to the No.3 question is NO, those other states that benefitted from such board room decision of the bank, were they also considered based on someone’s intervention as an executive of the bank?

5. What happens to those States that have no executive of the bank yet have branches of the bank, who then takes credit for employing the people of that area through the bank decision?

Using diamond bank branches in Abia State to campaign as an achievement of Mr Alex Otti, shows that Otti’s team lack basic understanding of business and factors necessary for location of a business in a particular area.

Asked what Mr Alex Otti had done as a former bank Chief for Abians that could form a basis for seeking for people’s mandate in Abia, Ferdinand Ekeoma his media aide, on a radio programme today, told Abians that the man Mr Alex Otti made sure he brought branches of Diamond bank in Abia State to employ Abians.

It sounds so funny that Mr Alex Otti who has no single investment in Abia State is laying claims to one of the numerous bank’s decision to have a branch where there are sure of maximizing profits as his achievement to his people, while billionaires in his class were assisting in building health centers, organizing competitions and giving scholarships to their people.

Having a bank branch anywhere is more a profit to the bank and not a political tool for campaigns.. Its insane to use such board room decision of a bank to campaign. This one is dead on arrival. It shows lack of materials to campaign especially when issues are discussed.

Headquarters are saddled with the task of recruiting staff of the bank and send employees to their various branches in the country. On few occasions, branches recruit local security outfit and cleaners from their host. Alex Otti should name just one Abian that benefitted through his position as a bank Chief other than those bad loans with stringent conditions he gave to institutions of the State as someone that was eyeing PDP ticket.

I listened to Ekeoma as he made caricature of Abians through his disjointed rhetorics. He talked about infrastructural decay as if his principal had ever deemed it fit to develop any for Abians. He abandoned his areas where he could’ve graded to open access to his house but instead uses helicopter to come back to Abia State during electioneering period. In Abia, people are already making good use of the numerous completed road projects of Ikpeazu’s administration.

That you told Abians how a factory built by Uche Ogah is not working and the number of months workers are owed that made them to abandon the factory is not a secret. We already know but we are saying that you should tell us what your principal can do differently.

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