In the weeks preceding the Supreme Court Hearing and Judgement on the protracted Abia Governorship tussle, I will be dropping hints on some of the challenges facing Abia State and reasons why a small powerful cabal have sworn never to have Dr Alex Otti Govern the State of Abia.

In the build up to the elections, Dr Alex Otti did much more than just canvass for votes. He constituted some working teams that critically looked into the many challenges facing Abia, especially Aba, The INDUSTRY and commercial nerve centre of the South East.

One of such teams looked at a litany of challenges, from security to road infrastructure and transportation, commerce, industry, agriculture, hospitality, local government administration, clannish and sub-ethnic inter-relations et al. Apart from the last, most of all are requiring funds to restart.

-Problems identified. Funds and Strategy Required.

So, where is our money; both internally generated and federally allocated? We started with ways of shoring up the internally generated revenue of the state, as necessitated by the dwindling oil receipts of the federal government.

#1: The first to catch our attention was the commercial tricycle also known as Keke Napep. Apart from the fact that Aba, had started fabricating her own version of this cab since the early 1980’s, it was interesting also, to notice that about 28,000+ of the imported version are registered to operate within the old Aba region, alone. We went further and found that about 9000+ of these were off the roads due to old age and unserviceability, leaving us with about 19,000+ on the road.

Each operator either buys tickets or is forced to pay fees ranging from N120 – N400 from Monday through Fridays. The charges are reduced to N50 on Saturdays while they all enjoy a tax holiday on Sundays. So, let us average this revenue to N200 a day and multiply by 5days of the week.

The Math: 19000 operators * N200 = N3,800,000 daily * 5 days = N19,000,000 a week. That is N76,000,000 in 4weeks and so on. The question is who collects this revenue and which account receives lodgement of this huge revenue?

It became more interesting when we found out that The All Popular/Notorious Aba Road Network is about 137.5km or approximately 140km. I mean the whole Aba Roads stretched are not more than 140 kilometres. Can you believe this? Please do…
If Keke alone can generate about N19m a month, then, it will take about 737 days (2years) to repay a facility of N1.4bn to fix 140km of Aba roads at N100m per Kilometre? This calculation is excluding interests on loans.

QUESTION: Where is our money?

ANSWER: A powerful cabal who shares and buffets with this revenue is part of this gang up.

SOLUTION: The Mecurial Dr Alex Chioma Otti is determined and resolute to dismantle this cabal, recover and use every kobo to SUSTAINABLY REBUILD our dear state.

Long Live Abia State.

Chigozie Onyeukwu Ubani.
Dr Alex Otti’s Election Management and Strategy Committee.


  1. hahaha ndi joncing, your otti is a well known criminal and a desperado. for more information ask those who have worked with him.

  2. Because Ikpeazu is an off-shoot of this old cabal, T A Orji will never be brought to book. Can a demon reveal the secret of or probe the activities of Lucifer the arch devil?

  3. These APGA followers and Dr Otti has refused to understand that he must not be a governor before he can probe TA orji and any corrupt politician from Abia state, he should learn from Akwa Ibom state that someone else that is not the governor wrote to EFCC against Akpabio and he was invited. Let him know that he can achieve his aim even as an ordinary Abian.

  4. The very last is yet to be heared in Abia polity. Dr. Alex Otti and APGA being the answer to all this mess will tell the rest story… WATCH OUT!

  5. Hahahhahaha, otti is even d worst criminal who was helping TA ORJI carry out his evil plans….wen otti found out that TA brought out okezie instead of him he now left PDP, abeg MR writer we d masses are not fools

  6. He can as well probe TA without being a governor….he should face his fellow Antichrist and leave an innocent man alone

  7. u all re fools,did a abeg have choice any one dt cum out u guys we join in since there is money.D pdp govenor was has he done for u guys jobless people dnt go ad luk for better work to do.Sencess pple fools


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