(Confronting Wicked Lies With Raw Truth)

The report captioned “Dr. Alex Otti vs Edward “Obiakor” Jnr.” and other similar reports on the same subject matter wherein a young man by the name Edward “Obiakor” Jnr. alleged that Dr. Alex Otti, OFR, forcefully took a property belonging to him is a clear example of evil struggling to overtake good through audacity of criminality.

Even though I had given brief oral response to the enquiries of the bloggers who are circulating those false claims, and stated the facts as they are, I had, however, consciously refused to give any further response both written and oral to that tale of idiocy because the guy and those sponsoring his ignoble agenda desperately want us to dignify and help them acquire a legendary status using the name, Alex Otti.

However, for the sake of millions of Alex Otti’s supporters within and outside Abia who even without hearing from him, had dismissed the report as an absolute hogwash, I deem it necessary to arm them the more by stating the undisputed facts as follows:

  1. That Dr. Alex Otti, OFR never approached the said Edward “Obiakor” Jnr. to purchase the property in question as he wickedly claimed, because Dr. Otti never knew the young man nor his relationship with the property in question.
  2. That Dr. Otti had no urgent need for the property in question and thus couldn’t have made the move to purchase it, rather a senior citizen of Arochukwu Kingdom approached him to consider buying the said property when it was put up for sale.

Initially, Dr. Otti declined, but when the person reminded him that if another person purchased the place and decided to revive the moribund fuel station that it could pose a threat to his house. It was at this point that Dr. Otti asked for the owners of the property to be contacted.

  1. Dr. Otti through his lawyer and representative went for diligent search and after confirming the authenticity of all the documents and ownership tendered by the lawyers of the sellers, negotiated and paid for the property.
  2. That the property was sold to Dr. Otti by the wife of Late Professor Obiakor and his first and only daughter who is a US based Medical Doctor.

The late Professor, legally and undisputedly willed the property to his wife, Mrs. E.N. Obiakor and daughter, Miss Nnenna Obiakor as clearly documented.

5.That the said Probate (Will) of the late Prof. Edward Obiakor was prepared by a respected Professor of Law and lecturer in the University of Calabar, and witnessed by two other distinguished academics, a Professor of Engineering and a Doctor of Engineering.

The Will shows that the Late Professor bequeathed majority of his property to his wife Mrs. E. N. Obiakor and daughter Miss Nnenna Obiakor, while five other beneficiaries included his nephew, siblings and other relations.

Contrary to the young man’s false claim, the Fuel Station wasn’t the only property of the late Professor. He bequeathed other properties which included three Cars, a Pickup Van, a Petrol Tanker, a bungalow at Aro Quarters, Uzuakoli to his Nephew, Life Insurance with American Insurance Company (Nigeria) Limited, Shares in companies and banks, Cash in different bank accounts etc.

There was no place where the name Edward “Obiakor” Jnr appeared in the said documents.

  1. That after Dr. Otti had purchased the said property, he began to receive insulting and threat text messages from this Edward “Obiakor” Jnr. who claimed that the property belonged to him.

As demeaning and disrespectful as that approach was, Dr. Otti didn’t get enraged to the point of ignoring the young man or picking him up for prosecution, rather he brought this to the attention of the sellers and told them that even though the property belonged to them, they could still assist the young man from the proceeds if he was actually part of their family.

Mrs. Obiakor and her daughter responded positively, but regretted that the young man has been very unruly in his conduct. I guess this warranted their decision to call his bluff.

  1. As admitted in his mendacious and highly distorted interview, Edward “Obiakor” Jnr. reported the matter to the Eze In Council of Arochukwu Kingdom and this led to his invitation. Dr. Otti was also invited.

To the shock of the highly respected Ezes of the revered kingdom, the young man could not tender any evidence written or oral to prove that the property belonged to him.

However, Dr. Otti, through his representative, Hon. Nkem Okoro tendered both the attested Will, the DEED of ASSIGNMENT and all other documents that authenticated Dr. Otti’s ownership of the property through the beneficiaries of the Will. This led to the dismissal of the young man’s case by the Eze in Council. It is disheartening that Mr. “Obiakor” would accuse the Eze’s of bribery.

  1. That it is disgusting and very appalling that a young man could at this age of civilization hinge his ownership of a property of an educated man who documented his will in favour of his wife and his daughter from his authentic wife more than twenty five years before he, the claimant was born on the basis of being a “son”.
  2. That the said Edward “Obiakor” Jnr. has craftily and consciously avoided mentioning Mrs. Obiakor and her daughter in his nauseating adumbrations because he knows clearly that he has no legal or moral grounds to take on them. We wouldn’t want to delve into the paternity brouhaha out of respect and in keeping to our philosophy of decent and responsible politics. Unfortunately, he ignorantly thinks that he has got a kill in Alex Otti the “money minting machine” who would dole out free money for him to stop his satanic blackmail. What a tragic miscalculation!
  3. That this same Edward “Obiakor”, when he failed to produce papers linking him to the property as requested by the native doctors he approached, went to an Eze in IsialaNgwa South and confessed that the property did not belong to him and appealed to him to help him reach Dr. Otti for settlement to avoid smear on his image since he was in the race for the Governorship of Abia State. This proposal met with stiff resistance from Dr. Otti as he wouldn’t succumb to blackmail.
  4. Having failed woefully to fraudulently secure the support of the late Professor Obiakor’s longtime lawyer who honorably laid bare the documents, failed to secure the support of the Eze In Council of Arochukwu Kingdom, failed to secure the support of the Native Doctors he approached in Isiala Ngwa, and failed to secure the support of any single responsible citizen or legitimate institution, we expected this Edward “Obiakor” of a person to display the same energy and audacity with which he’s trying to blackmail Dr. Alex Otti by approaching any court of law with those carelessly forged documents he’s bandying around and see if he would not head straight to jail.
  5. That we are not perturbed by the nihilistic gibberish being dished out by some anti-Otti political irritants from Abia state government who are incurably suffering from Ottiphobia, and who have in the last few days ended, albeit temporarily, their administrative idleness and found a new job of cheering the misguided young man to self destruct.
  6. That we feel ashamed and very disappointed that a young man could resort to cheap and mendacious fabrication as a means of extorting money from another citizen through blackmail, because he feels that the accused has money and political ambition.
  7. That while we feel disappointed that the bloggers circulating the disjointed hogwash from the said Edward “Obiakor” Jnr. didn’t do more diligent enquiries from all the parties mentioned to confirm the facts, and present unbiased report, we, however, do not hold them to contempt as such, and bear no grudges at all, because we recognize and respect the place of the media in the protection of the rights of citizens, especially the downtrodden, and they can only do this by giving the needed publicity to perceived acts of injustices until proven otherwise. However, in this case, Dr. Alex Otti OFR is a victim of a well calculated blackmail aimed at provoking him to extreme action.
  8. That from all indications, Edward “Obiakor” Jnr desperately wants Dr. Alex Otti to look in his direction at all costs, unfortunately he doesn’t know that Dr. Otti is an intelligent and responsible enigma who cannot waste his energy and precious time lifting a hammer for the purpose of killing a fly.
  9. Finally, we proudly and most humbly state that Dr. Alex Otti OFR is a tested and trusted man of impeccable character who bears no resemblance with some Abia political misfits, oppressors and money miss-roads who would go to any extent in manifesting their powers, especially against the weak.

While the said Edward “Obiakor” Jnr. continues to entertain himself amidst applause from the enemies of Abia who fruitlessly seek to demean the indefatigable Alex Otti, he must, however, be reminded that Nigerian laws are not as kind and forgiving as Dr. Alex Otti when brought to bear on the wicked.


A word is enough for the wise!



Ferdinand Ekeoma

Media Assistant to Dr. Alex Otti


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