AWKA – LITIGANTS whose cases were pending at the Justice Usman Bwala-led Anambra State First Election Petition Tribunal were taken aback yesterday when they were informed that the President of the Court of Appeal, Justice Ayo Salami, had dissolved the tribunal. A new one is, however, to be empanelled soon.

Assistant secretary of the tribunal, Mr. Yahaya Haruna, who announced the dissolution to lawyers and parties in the court, however, declined to give details.

Vanguard gathered that the dissolution may not be unconnected with a plethora of allegations by many petitioners accusing the tribunal members of taking bribe and inconsistency in its previous rulings.

Recently, the three-man tribunal had in an open court, raised the alarm that there were allegations of collecting N90 million from some interested parties, which allegedly sparked off calls from some senior members of the Bar for the tribunal to disqualify itself.

A petitioner, Professor Dora Akunyili, was said to have through her counsel, petitioned the Court of Appeal, demanding the dissolution of the Bwala panel on ground of bias and for the tribunal to disqualify itself.

But the former chairman of the tribunal, Justice Bwala, refused to grant the application, insisting that his tribunal was competent to handle the matter between Dr. Chris Ngige of Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN, and Akunyili of All Progressives Grand Alliance, APGA.

Bwala had said the matter would be handled on its merit, adding that it was different from other cases his tribunal had earlier dismissed as no two petitions were the same.

He also rejected application by counsel to APGA and Akunyili, Chief Obiorah Obianwu, SAN, praying the tribunal to disqualify itself from hearing of the petition or  transfer it to another tribunal.


Source: Vanguard (August 09,2011)


  1. So you know about this yet you allowed him superintend over your case, you never appealed against? Why crying now the head is off?

  2. I’m aware of the Anambra State incident that led to the dissolution of his panel. He is not just a monster, but a dark in complexion cobra lying calm low under the green grass in a home garden, looking for whom to devour

    • They Jst Decided Not To Stop Wailing! Spreading Rumours As If They Can Defemd It When There,s Need.Anyway,everybody must not be pleased at a time.

  3. Justice Ayo Salami sacked Usman Bwala Anambra led tribunal out of jealously, this was one of the reasons Justice Ayo Salami was also sacked as the President of the Court Appeal by the Judicial Council.

  4. Hahahahah. I will not join issues with apga supporters because they are confused. If I were them I will still do the same.

  5. I knew it all the while that Bwala had a history of corruption but what I didn’t understand was why the president of court of Appeal chose to foist him on Abians after a shameful and disastrous outing at Anambra State.
    The truth is that the Judgement in Abia State was heavily compromised in favour of PDP and you don’t need to be SAN to pick the obvious holes in yesterday’s ruling.

    1. The Ruling that the reliefs are contradictory is very lame and laughable. Those reliefs are Alternate reliefs and they are valid in law. In law, you can pray for nullification of certain areas and declaration of victory OR in the ALTERNATIVE order a re run in the affected areas.

    2. The Judge discountenanced Card reader evidence (which was accepted in Rivers/Akwa-Ibom) without showing any alternative evidence of manual accreditation tendered by the respondents.

    3. The judge misdirected himself to facts that the petitioners lost the right to complain of the 4lga’s having participated in the re run. That is also very wrong. There was no re run, what held was supplementary elections in polling units where elections didn’t hold on April 11th. The said supplementary elections didn’t also hold in Obingwa. So the judge goofed.

    The grounds for the judgement are very ridiculous and can only given by a Judge whoose palms have been greased with taxpayers money. The grounds are watery and can’t survive the Appeal and supreme courts.

    That’s my 2 penny comment.

  6. I know yesterday when the pronouncement was made in favour of VOI, this Abia fake newspaper wailers must have wailed morethan a little baby. But una calm down, that’s the zoo tribunal for u. Wia justice is twisted to the highest bidder. Una sorry o. Alex Otti and his fellow wailing surporters. Abia must move forward.

  7. That’s medicine after death, otti and ikpeazu has the right to say i don’t want this judge to handle my matter and is either the matter is transfer to another court or the judge would be removed immediately. my lawyer said so in my case with ubaplc and the matter was transferred to another court and at the end, i won

  8. It was Jonathan and TA Orji that hired this man for the dirty job in Abia State. For them it is a mission accomplished.

  9. Anybody responsible for denying us the joy of mandate restoration, may utter darkness cover him or her by noonday! So be it on anyone who supports such evil

  10. Deleting my comment on this platform shoes your a coward. It goes a long way tell how insincere your criticism is. If you are afraid of critics then don’t use social media platform.
    A true political analyst should create room for attack OK.

  11. Apga wakeup, mumu party, u guys dnt knw hw to play d game, can a capinter fixed mottor engine, let otti go back to diamond bank, dats d job he can do.



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