It appears that the worst is yet to be over for Abia State workers who are lamenting over unpaid salaries despite the bail out funds.

At a meeting last week under the aegis of OBINGWA professionals,an inner circle of Ukwa/Ngwa professionals, Governor IKPEAZU was directed by by his kin to sell Abia if it comes to that to make sure of his victory.
He was assured of protection and every one present with contacts pledged to push those contacts in his favour. To assist they made their companies available as conduits to siphon money. A check of major contracts awarded presently in the state will show that they were all awarded to major OBINGWA people who will in turn place the proceeds at disposal of the group. Even though these contracts were not in the budget and not appropriated by any law of the house of assembly. The bail out funds were used to award the contracts in some cases 50% of the contract sums were paid.
The governor has been reaching out to prominent Nigerians and visiting their homes. He has been to Anambra state to seek the support of a prominent Igbo billionaire who had criticized his master and also made contact with other Anambra oil merchant .
AFN has the list of both Yoruba and Northern elders visited by the governor.
We shall wait and see the reaction of the government . If they deny that, we will publish the photographs and how much they dropped at each visit.


  1. It is easy to make allegations but very difficult to prove them. .You went to tribunal because of the trust you have in the judiciary , lost and turn around to accused them of accepting bribes which you cannot prove. Now you have gone to appeal court, If you loose who will you blame again? Now you said that PHD is visiting prominent igbo business men to come and invest in abia . Please what is wrong with that.What was the position of abia when he took over and what is it now. It will be injustice for you to say that there is no positive change since he took over. Can you prove that the contractors handling major contracts in abia are from obingwa.? Name the companies and their directors.This hate articles on the Governor should me be stopped

    • shut ur trap lousy ditch worm.At least hav some honour to admit dat ur squirel head govanor fed obingwa elites with contracts and stop babbling like a lame goat

    • Rutherford M Jehoshapat . Guy you have never contributed anything in this platform without insulting or abusing fellow contributors. This platform is to be use for people to make their views known . If you have a different opinion share it for us to see and not name calling please.

    • Rutherford, honestly, you talk like a street boy. If you like continue wailing till next year, your opinion can’t change anything because it does not matter

  2. Useless Abia facts you think we are kids abi? You and you admin have not done anything good to this state always criticizing fools

    • May satan destroy that Your ebola infected mouth mixed with elephantises for saying trash about ABIA FACTS NEWSPAPPER. A compound fool colling another person fool..since they are usless ,why are you hear. Why cant u unfollow them.idiot

  3. You cannot even write correct sentences. Is it sale the state or sell the state? Is it Obingwa people tells or Obingwa people tell? Go to school.

  4. Why can’t you people leave the Governor alone? If you like continue your crocodile tears to world court, no court will upturn the judgement PDP got. You can only cause distraction.

  5. Iheanocho,do u realy live in Abia state?? What changes have you seen since ur gov took over?? Dnt just comment becos you have MB.

    • Please l dont understand what you mean by MB. There are changes in abia state today. There are roads under construction and some completed. I live in umuahia. Road 2 in worldbank housing estate is completed with street light., Agbama housing estate construction work in ongoing. This platform showed us some completed roads in aba . Civil servants have received salaries from May 20015 to September, IGR of the state is at increase today. How many months has he stayed in office.

    • Are you blind? Can’t you see roads at Umueze that leads to PH express way close to Alied morntuary and other roads uder construction in Aba?

  6. It is not a new thing that AFN has vowed not to observe and report anything good about OVI even if he transforms Abia to look like London. AFN, Your rumours have all proved to be false, and even your die hard fans have lost confidence in your publications.

    • Since abia looks like london.. My prayer to you is the name is Jesus Christ,may the God in heaven do the same thing in your life and generation as Okezie ikpeazu is doing to abia state since he became governor in Jesus Name. Pls type amen

    • Don, How Old Are U? I Ask Because U Talk Like Someone Wt Little Brain; Okechi Never Said That Abia Is A Little; He,s Trying To Say That Even If Ovi Transforms Abia To Be A Little London, Some People Will Still Criticise Him Which Is Normal. Pls Ovi Is Only A Human Being Like U & Not A Machine, So Let Him Concentrate To Serve U Better!

  7. Ikpeazu for not releasing our bailout fund meant to clear our salaries. Ur children will practically cry add and beg for food before they can eat

    • Pls Madam, Think Very Well Before U Open Ur Mouth To Utter A word; It Really Matters Because U Might Be Blessing Someone Thinking That U Are Curse The Person Because He Or She Might Be Innocent Of The Allegation.

  8. This publication of yours is just a proof that the greatest enemy of the state is Alex Otti. Please advise him to allow OVI to concentrate. He is the biggest distraction to good governance and development in Abia State. How many times must he fail to know that he is a failure? Why has he desired that Abia State resources must be wasted in courts if your publication is right?

  9. I had really expected meaningful and constructive arguments/comments, and not name calling. Its quite apparent that some of us have allowed our emotions to cloud their good sense of judgement. De Okezie Ikpeazu is a man of intergrity and God fearing. I can assure every Abian that he has our interest at heart and that every decision he has made so far has been in the interest of Abia state. @ Ms Agnes Odoemene Njoku I can understand that you might be a little bit frustrated that things are not moving at the pace you want it, but be rest assured that Dr Ikpeazu is working towards making sure that everyone owed salaries are paid in full. We should all refrain from name calling and cursing and seek better ways of contributing to the development of our great state. We pray that De Okezie Ikpeazu’s children, your children and our children will never beg for food IJN.

  10. U guys should look. Dis governor of yours only work at aba nd ngwa umuahia areas u guys should take a tour to oda parts of abia u will knw dat dis guy nd even ta are notin to be compared to.

  11. Could this be true………………… BREAKING!!! Nnamdi Kanu is Dead? – MASSOBTHE leadership of a faction for the Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra, MASSOB, weekend, alleged that Nnamdi Kanu, the promoter of Radio Biafra, detained by security operatives, have been murdered. ALSO READ: BREAKING!!! Nnamdi Kanu is Not in Our Custody – DSS In a statement in Abakaliki, MASSOB factional Director of Information, Comrade Uchenna Madu, stated that information about Kanu’s murder was made available to the group through some security operatives sympathetic to the Biafran cause. “Factional MASSOB has discovered that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu detained by Nigeria has been murdered in Abuja,”Madu said. ALSO READ: Bravery or Juju? Biafra Protesters Stopping Police, Army Bullets with Bare Hands (Shocking Video) “Information to Biafra Intelligence Agency (BIA), through operatives sympathetic to the Biafran cause revealed it to us. Pro. Biafran groups may not believe it until Monday, Nov 23 when Nnamdi will be arraign in court. “The cause information we are receiving from Abuja is not healthy, we’re still waiting till Monday. Nnamdi Kanu is the arrowhead of the Biafra agitation. Nigeria should be extremely careful on Nnamdi Kanu”. “If government extra judicially kills Nnamdi Kanu, Nigeria will experience the worst volcanic rebellion and aggression. ALSO READ: BREAKING!!! Biafra: Buhari to Declare State of Emergency in the old Eastern Region if… “We call on the Ohaneze Ndigbo, South East Govs, Igbo leaders of thought, South-East and South-South Professionals, Igbo National Assembly members, traditional /religious leaders to call Nigeria’s Presidency to order now. “We demand that Nnamdi Kanu must appear in court on Monday, Nov 23 alive or dead. We love non-violence & wish to maintain it but Nigeria is pushing Biafrans to the wall”.

  12. @ Ikenna Onumadu did u say seek better ways of contributing to the development of the state, when the man at the healm of affairs has no human face, pls can u ask him what happened to d 14b bailout fund. It is very easy for u to make such comment, I belive u re in ur comfort zone so u can say whatever u want to. But he that wears the shoe knows where it pinches, I am yet to complete my chidren school fees, not even sure where that will come from, I can hardly feed my family, my aged aunt is down with diabetics need insulin every day I can hardly meet up with that, to add insult upon injury the little change we ve is spent on high cost of transportation, food stuff have sky rocketed. With this undue hardship u want me to pray for him, when FG released money to clear the arrears of civil servant in the state, what re u talking about, pls keep ur advice to ur self. Mitchhhhhhew Nonsense.

  13. ngwa people hav an agelong reputation for selling their property to strangers,and become tenants even in their hamitage.Its only ngwa people in igboland dat will sell their last piece of land,just to patronize hags in brothels.An ngwaman can giv out his living room and a portion of his bedroom for rentage to pimps and floozies,as long as he is seein little change for kai kai and dry meat.An ngwaman can deny their children education just to provide for the fleet of adulterous wives and their urchins.Its only ngwa dat wil sell a land to several buyers and still tie omu and deposit “achi ere,” “agba”,”ibi” and “ukwu aba shoe “on the same land or mount coffins just to prevent the buyers from entry.they are backward in development and civiization,sellin evrythin even choice properties.the sell even their citizenship and traditional titles and kingship for just little nonsense.Thats why they hav lost grip even of aba.only that this time they will be selling their birth-right for good.Prehistoric anomalies

    • You have just displayed your level of stupidity, anyway going through your profile as you claimed MOU as a student or ex, you are an educated illitrate. Come to think of it, in Abia which tribe has the highest number of educated and responssible noble men and women, if not the Ngwa people. We are generous that’s why we sell part of our lands to accomordate greedy strangers, and how does it concerns you as how they spend their money? Or were you planing of stealing the money after the payment? I pity you and those your hungry tribe because, you greedy folks will leave your forsaken and cursed homes to a blessed land at Aba to reside, i blieve most of you do not know your aboades.

    • I Don,t Think U Have A Root; So U Can Go To Ngwaland Where U Will Be Wellcomed Wt A Good Heart Of Hospitality. But The Problem Is That U Might Forget That U Are A Stranger And Start Claiming The Ngwaland Which Can Provoke The People To Remind U That U Are A stranger And Then U Start Calling Them Names; Because From My Investigation, I Discovered That U Have A Certificate In Name-calling. Grow Up Bros And Stop Behaving Like A Kid.

  14. If we support Dr Alex Otti (OFR) in his governorship bid to librate Abia State from slave masters and slavery, we will move forward, if we dont, we will remain in the same old mess.

  15. All the lies you’re publishing have not led you anywhere. When will you be tired of feeding people with unfounded falsehoods and parochial information. People are wiser now to.believe your.lies. You better wake up fast.

  16. Rutherford, you are the worst fool that world.has.ever known for opening your dirty mouth to talk nonsense. In short, you’re an imbibe and a maggot. Go to school and learn how to talk.

  17. very soon more will still come out from these pdp toilet pit mouth before this year runs out they will disgrace themselves mark it.

  18. The problem with us here in abia is that we are not learned we speak when we hear or been told to speak, we don’t look at issues from a critical aspect of it (2)we play a game we don’t really understand no politician has integraty because the oath of office is self enrichment

  19. Okezie has nothing to offer Abians, why don’t don’t u sycophants calling him De Okezie uve never called him before now to come to realisation of that fact,


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