You will not see non progressive or unrepentant former governors, senators, Ministers and their likes from Abia State raise Dr Alex Otti’s hand at the podium, it will be rare to find a former top official of the Abia state government in the last 20 years genuinely express public support for the governorship aspiration of Dr Alex Otti.

Many contractors to the state government, non progressive traditional rulers and clergy men are also not with Alex Otti. Like the former governors and government top officials, the PDP contractors and traditional rulers would rather want someone else in government house. They misconstrue excellence for rigidity or meanness, because they want rewards without hard work.

How about “senior politicians” in the state who are opposed to welfarist leadership? Do you think they will like Otti to emerge governor? How about those politicians in the villages who are accustomed to “selling off their people” to the highest bidders? Are they with Otti?

As I said yesterday, there’s is a reason several PDP politicians in Abia- accustomed to the “blood tonic system” are working hard to stop Otti’s emergence as governor.

Get it straight, they are not planning to stop the governorship ambition of the APGA candidate by fair or legally prescribed means. They are using every ( illegal) means available in their determination to stop Dr Otti from emerging governor, but this is dead on arrival, especially now that some of them are making a u turn to carefully listen to Otti and understand that he is not opposed to elitist involvement in Abia politics, but that a productive system that would explore the potentials of these elites and reward them accordingly must be established so that they are not fed with the sweat of the suffering downtrodden.

Outright lies, half-truths, beer parlour gossips, threats, intimidation, harassments and verbal abuses are ready tools in their arsenal. Nothing- absolutely nothing is beneath them. It is operation stop Otti at all costs.

But there’s really nothing to be worried about. Otti is not campaigning to become another “blood tonic supplier” who would ignorantly make the people lazy and unproductive through executive wastefulness. He is coming not to dash fishes to Abians, but to teach them  how to fish, for self reliance and self sustenance.

He is not running to continue feathering the nest of the very people who have kept the state on her toes in the last 20 years, but then he is not coming to play politics of vengeance and unhealthy isolation; that’s  a game for little minds.  A new creme of Abia sound minds who desire the best for their state are already in display. They would collaborate with the bold, audacious and morally sound statesmen and elites to chat a new course for a new Abia that shall be born on May, 29th, 2019.

So Dr Otti is by no means concerned with the absence of the nonprogressive  elites. All he cares about are the people of Abia State- you and I. This is about us, our children and those coming after them, hence the need for all hands to be on deck.


We must therefore rise and see that the plans to keep Abia in perpetual bondage by installing a morally weak and incompetent governor is completely frustrated. Students, civil servants, traders, artisans, unemployed youths, women and girls must now rise and defend this great state from the plunderers and savages.

When they make  noise about the signing of one expired and unproductive political liability and celebrate same,  ignore them and forge ahead.  Go into the streets, into your communities, in your kindred, start mobilizing for Otti and APGA. Start telling people about them. Master Alex Otti’s programs, policies and philosophies and reel it off to your friends and family.

Tell them that ALEX OTTI is the best and most prepared candidate to salvage Abia. Tell them that we must win this raging battle for the soul of Abia, and the sake of our oppressed people.

Mobilise for Alex Otti. Vote for Alex Otti and Vote for APGA.

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