Abia North have seen it all, it is time for the people to seat back and make a choice for 2019 so that the era of bad leadership, ineffective representation and backwardness the people are faced with, will be over for good.

Abia North needs a fresh start, a fresh hope and a fresh face, to change the narrative and re position its people in the rightful first position.

This is not the time to insult or attack other opponents, this is the time to sell the brand we have. This is time to present the solution Abia North needs, this is the time to bring forward the candidate with the magic touch, the candidate who has all it takes to deliver, a candidate that has always delivered and is still delivering for the less privileged and numerous people around him.

This is the time for Abia North to indeed taste what quality representation is all about, this is the time for Abia North to send a legend to represent them at the Red chamber in the national assembly.

I want to present to you a man with a clean record of success with hard work, a successful man with no trace of illegality, I want to present to you Chief Dr. David Ogba Onuoha OFR, Ugoena Ndi Abiriba.


Below are 10 shining reasons Abia North must stand with Bourdex in 2019.


The reason I placed this first is because leadership is all about selflessness. Bourdex is not going to learn how to be selfless, because he is already a major philanthropist with so many people under his scholarship scheme, and has undertaken numerous empowerment projects.

Chief Bourdex has provided water for communities, trained so many people in business and empowered them to start theirs. Bourdex has taken up medical bills for a whole lot of people.

Bourdex believes that his philanthropist acts should not be used to score political point.

The philanthropist blood flows in him that is why he has a foundation called Bourdex foundation, they go around making people smile.

Bourdex is a very smart and innovative entrepreneur, who has removed many from the street and made them salary earners in his company.


With his years as a successful business man, from importation to manufacturing to telecommunication, real estate and so many other opportunities which he has ventured into, Bourdex has built a massive network of contact base that will make it easy for him to navigate around at the national assembly and create quick impact in the lives of Abia North people.

His connect of friends which crisscrosses Nigeria, makes him the best man for the job believe he can liaise with people from the north, south and west stress free.

Chief is a member of numerous international and local organizations, these organizations will surely play a vital role in networking and getting things done for Abia North people.


Chief Dr. David Ogba Onuoha OFR, will not be going to the senate as a professional politician, instead he will be going as a professional in politics. Being a professional in politics gives a leverage in the senate because, you could be given an opportunity to chairman a committee linked with your profession.

Bourdex is a grade A telecom consultant with years of experience in developing a telecom organization, growing it to profit, extension and creating the frame work. It was his great pioneering achievement in telecom that made the federal government confer him with the award of OFR.

So, with Bourdex in the senate, he has a great chance of chairing the Telecom Committee and so many other committees.

Let’s not forget, bulk of the challenge we face today, is because of professional politicians who do not have second address. Based on that, they feed on the people’s common patrimony.


If you have not heard Bourdex speak, then this is for you.

He is bold, fearless, courageous and an excellent speaker. Lest I forget, boldness, fearlessness, courageousness and excellent communication ability are a very important attribute if you must be a good representative of the people.


Wow! Great attribute.

If you intend to represent the people or you are representing the people and you do not have the capacity or patience to listen to the people you are representing, then you have failed.

Bourdex is a listener, he takes his time to consult wide before taking a decision. He carries all his lieutenants along in decision making. He gives everyone an opportunity to state their views before deciding.


With his years of experience in successful business negotiation, lobbying and getting bills passed will be very easy for him to achieve.

Basically, lobbying is an art of negotiation, an art of talking people into your ideas, policies, bills and plans. Based on that, Chief Dr. David Ogba Onuoha Bourdex has a robust capacity in engaging people and getting deals done, so sending him to the Red Chamber is sending a man with capacity to do the job.


If there be anyone amongst the prominent 3 contestants who has passion for community development, it is Chief Dr. David Ogba Onuoha OFR.

Bourdex has hosted so many football competitions, pageantry events, provided borehole water for various communities, hosted traditional events and so many other things.


Due to his years of successful business ventures, interacting with global business leaders, negotiating high volume business transaction and pioneering so many business concepts in Nigeria and beyond, Bourdex has built a very high intellectual capacity which allows him assimilate whatever that is brought before and produce result in a short while.

It is well known that representation is largely an intellectual thing and Chief David Ogba Onuoha Bourdex will never be found wanting in that regard.

Chief has also taken part in so many trainings all over the world, has acquired numerous certifications and exposed to different climes in the world.


Obviously, you can not be a successful business man at the level of Bourdex, without being a super human manager. You can not also succeed in politics without having the capacity to manage and lead large number of people.

This basically means that, Bourdex has the capacity of human management and he will discharge same, in making sure he leads the good people of Abia North well. Representation is a duty of steady interaction with the people, and Bourdex will not be found wanting there.


One of the key characters of Bourdex is boldness. He is not shy to say the truth at anytime and he does not lack communication power. Electing Bourdex to represent Abia North at the senate, is equal to electing someone that will speak up, at anytime for his people. It is also equal to electing someone that will sure protect the right of his people and tell truth to power.

This is just a few of the capacity Chief David Ogba Onuoha Bourdex has and this is equally the capacities we need in a legislator that will represent Abia North in the senate.


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