In 2011, Mrs Bridget Adeosun a director of Mut-Hass Petroleum Nigeria Ltd,on behalf of her Company; approached Masters Energy Oil &Gas Ltd, with a business proposal. In her letter dated 2nd February 2011, tittled “Application for Petroleum Storage Agreement’’ (Through –Put Agreement) She requested for Masters Energy Services, which was to allow her store her 10,000 Metric Tonnes of Petroleum Motor Spirit (PMS), this, being a pre-requisite for the grant of an allocation from PPPRA. Masters Energy Oil and Gas limited,on the 4th of February 2011, after due considerations entered into a Throughput Agreement with Mut-Hass Petroleum Nigeria Ltd.


On the 12 of the April, 2011, Mrs. Bridget Adeosun returned to the offices of Masters Energy Oil & Gas Ltd with an offer to sell, transfer and assign her company’s interest on the 10,000 Mt of Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) Allocation for the period of second Quater,for the year, 2011,as a result of lack of funds and expertise to carry out the transactions. However,Mrs. Adeosun’s request was reviewed and considered based on her plea. Masters Energy Oil and Gas Ltd finally obliged her request and a Memorandum of Understanding was entered into by the two companies (Mut-Hass Petroleum Nigeria Ltd and Masters Energy Oil and Gas Ltd). The M.O.U was dully signed conscientiously, on the 6th of May, 2011 by Mrs. Bridget Adeosun and Masters Energy Oil and Gas Ltd. In her haste to get the business started, she offered to prepare a handwritten Invoice in respect of the 10,000 MT of PMS. This, she said was to ensure the entire transaction commences.


In the Memorandum of Understanding signed by both companies, it was clearly stated that all rights, interest ,privileges, obligations and the permit to import 10,000 Metric Tons (MT) of Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) under the Petroleum Support Fund (PSF) Scheme for the second quarter of the year 2011 ‘’ be’’ transferred to Masters Energy Oil and Gas Ltd,and by virtue of the Memorandum of Understanding, based on those clearly spelt out terms of the agreement, Masters Energy Oil and Gas Limited Paid the total sum of =N=26, 820, 000.00 Only(Twenty Six Million, Eight Hundred and Twenty Thousand Naira) as full and final Consideration to Mut-Hass Petroleum NIG Ltd.


This payment was made, splitted in three First Bank cheques dated 12th of May,2011.(Cheque Nos: HC75905305, HC75905307 & HC75905306) These Cheques were personally handed over to Mrs. Bridget O. Adeosun on the same date, and the sum being payment for assigning all her rights/interest in the mentioned PMS allocation, which was in accordance to the dictates of the executed Memorandum of Understanding between both parties and thereafter prepared,cum handed over other ancillary documents i.e. account opening forms, company resolutions for account opening etc. Consequent on the parties resolve, Masters Energy Oil and Gas Ltd commenced activities on the set deal.


First, by financing the importation of the 10,000, MT of (PMS) as appropriate, and finally got the PMS imported, Certified and the Sovereign Debt Note (SDN) was issued by the Federal Government to Masters Energy Oil and Gas Ltd, but under the name of Mut-Hass Petroleum Limited, the name , on which the allocation was issued. This Sovereign Debt Note which accrued to the tune of =N=51,884,159.59 (Fifty one Million, Eight Hundred and Eighty Four Thousand, One Hundred and Fifty Nine Naira),this sum was the differentials and the Subsidy for the Said product. This Sovereign Debt Note issued, as a matter of fact, and based on the agreement reached, whereby Mrs. Bridget Adeosun conscientiously forfeited/Transferred all forms of obligations and afterward benefits which may accrue in the course of the transaction, both loss and gain was transferred to Masters Energy Oil and Gas Ltd. A position, clearly stated in the Memorandum of Understanding.


Masters Energy Oil and Gas Ltd got a rude-shock of their life when the company discovered that Mrs, Bridget Adeosun , against what was agreed in the signed Memorandum of Understanding; wrote to the Petroleum Product Pricing Regulatory Agency (PPPRA) requesting the payment of the accrued interest on Subsidy entitlements and Foreign Currency value differentials which was long awaited funds required to cushion the loss incurred in the execution of the said transaction. Masters Energy Oil &Gas Limited, could not believe it because she was out-rightly settled, and Masters Energy Oil and Gas Limited solely funded the import of the allocated PMS, undertook all the attendant risks and here is Mrs. Adeosun fraudulently trying to reap where she did not sow; what a woman? Mrs. Adeosun dared to achieve this unbelievable act without consideration to the dictates of the Memorandum of Understanding – She signed with Masters Energy Oil and Gas Ltd.


In furtherance, Mrs. Bridget Adeosun fraudulently contacted the bank (UBA) to be made a signatory to that account opened for the purposes of the 10,000 MT allocation transactions. This was against the earlier agreed position of both parties, which was also indicated in the Memorandum of Understanding. She carried out these fraudulent acts without the knowledge of Masters Energy Oil and Gas Ltd. Masters Energy Oil and Gas Ltd on discovery, made several amicable attempts to have Mrs. Bridget Adeosun review and act in accordance to the dictates of the Signed Memorandum of Understanding, but She proved even more greedy. Masters Energy Oil and Gas Ltd having made several abortive efforts, resolved to approach the court of law in (SUITNO: FCT/HC/2196/14 )to address their grievances. The court gave an order that both parties should explore means of settlement or maintain status quo.


Following this resolve, a meeting was scheduled at Mrs. Bridget Adeosun’s Solicitor’s office but neither Mrs. Bridget Adeosun nor any representative of Mut-Hass Petroleum Company Limited Showed up at the meeting, a meeting which was jointly agreed upon. Mrs, Adeosun’s fraudulent push to access the accrued sum of =N=51,884,159 Million was not successful hence she resorted to harassment, threat to Life and all manner of police invites.


On the 10th of November 2014, the office of Deputy Commissioner of Police ‘’Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad, Department of Investigation (Lagos Annex)Adenyi invited Masters Energy OIL and Gas Ltd based on the petition by Mut-Hass Petroleum Limited alleging conspiracy, forgery, impersonation, obtaining under false pretences and threat to life. Both parties were invited after preliminary investigation, and for joint interview. But on several occasions Mrs Bridget Adeosun never honoured the joint interview sessions. Just upon responding to the invitation of Dep Federal SARS, Mrs Adeosun stoned another invite, this time; From Commissioner of Police ‘’X’’ on the same issue. Masters Energy Oil and Gas Ltd still, honoured the invitation, yet neither the representatives of Mut-Hass nor Mrs. Adeosun came for the scheduled joint interview. However, in view of the above, Masters Energy Oil& Gas Ltd filed for Fundamental Human Right against the inspector General of Police, Commissioner of Police Lagos Command, Deputy Commissioner of Police (FCIID ANNE X Squad, close, ikoyi, Lagos ) Deputy Commissioner of police and Mrs Bridget Adeosun and Mut Petroleum Nigeria Limited. Despite all these efforts to pursue peace, the Nigeria Police deliberately refused to comply with the order of the court to maintain Statues quo, until final determination of the Suit.


Even after all these efforts, there are recent invites to which Masters Energy Oil and Gas Ltd responded to, dated 22nd of March and 29th March, all in 2016. Mrs.Bridget Oluwatoyin Adeosun in her greedy quest misinformed the police which led to the arrest and arraignment of the two bank Managers. Mrs. Adeosun alleged that the duo forged her Signature and a Memorandum of Understanding between Mut-Hass Petroleum Limited and Masters Energy Oil& Gas Limited aid fraud. She also alleged that Dr. Uche Ogah is at large. The matter is still in court… This is for the notice of the general public.


Dr Uche Ogah is the President of Masters Energy Oil and Gas Ltd. He reputed for excellence and conducts his business in a manner that reflects only truth, straightforwardness and transparent. A man whose heart of gold is next to nothing, Dr Uchechukwu Samsom Ogah had in 2014 filed a suit against Mrs. Adeosun Oluwatoyin Bridget for defamation of Character. Dr Uche Ogah is not at large neither has Masters Energy Oil and Gas Ltd., moved from their location. Even the CCTV footage covering her dealings, visits to Masters Energy is handy and available; all documents duly signed by her are available. All these shall be made available to the public, in a bid to pursue justice.


Consequent on the above,the Debt Department Office, based on the Ongoing court case ( FCT/HC/CV/2196/14) at the High Court of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT)in which the verified interest and foreign Exchange differential cost claims of N51,884,159.59(Fifty one Million, Eight Hundred and Eighty Four Thousand, One Hundred and Fifty Nine Naira), due to MUT-HASS is a subject of litigation. The court has ordered the office of the Accountant-General, of the federation to process the claims of MUT-HASS in favour of the FCT HIGH COURT LITIGATION DEPARTMENT.


As it stands now, Mrs. Adeosun Oluwatoyin Bridget is exploring every means available, to ensure she takes possession of the said funds. She hurriedly closed the accounts opened with one of the new generation banks in order to shut out Masters Energy Oil and Gas Ltd. Masters Energy Oil and Gas Limited got a wind of what she did and approached the court of law. The court has ordered that the account at that same bank remain opened, and every detail remain as it was, till the case is determined.


Meanwhile,the interest and foreign Exchange differential cost claims of N51,884,159.59(Fifty one Million, Eight Hundred and Eighty Four Thousand, One Hundred and Fifty Nine Naira), due to MUT-HASS Petroleum Nigeria Limited had been paid,but under the custody of FCT HIGH COURT LITIGATION DEPARTMENT awaiting the determination of this case.


Masters Energy Oil and Gas Ltd is set-up to do business, and MUT-HASS Petroleum Nig Ltd was one of our clients. Masters Energy Oil and Gas Limited is very ready to go the full length in pursuit of this case, and they are ready to provide every documentary evidence to ensure this case is logically determined.



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    Go and sleep ,he is a lose man,no body is intrested on that fraud. We pray ogah win at the appeal court

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    Where is Oga from in Abia State@Abia Facts.

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  5. Eneze Modupe Baye says

    Uche Ogah is paying you peanuts so you can redeem his image. UChe Ogah is a fraud star who specialises in forging signatures. Fellow youths, do not be deceived all that gliters are not gold. Ogah is intoxicated by power and he just wants to rule by all means. Does Uche Ogah himself pay tax? He took Ikpeazu to court for not paying tax.Mshwee imagine a charcoal cailing pot black. Abia facts did you not read that your so called “fraud king-Ogah” was arraigned by the Nigerian police two weeks ago for forgery and fraud at Tinubu court in Lagos? Ogah the Lord will expose you and you cannot cover up forever. Abia fact story is a civil case and their is a criminal case against Ogah at Alagbon in Lagos.

  6. Eneze Modupe Baye says

    Some journalist should better be careful so that they don’t get sued for feeding the public with lies.

  7. Eneze Modupe Baye says

    Abia facts- Your story is neither the truth nor the fact of the matter. It’s all lies!