Abia Facts Newspaper investigative team upon tip off visited Arochukwu street to confirm the veracity of the information we gather that drug sellers and consumers have taken over Arochukwu street off Calabar road in Umuahia, Abia State.

Upon arrival, our investigative team discovered it was true. It was discovered that they are now a threat to residents living within that vicinity.

The main base of these dealers and consumers of these hard drugs which includes Indian hemp and Cocaine is between CHRIST IS THE WAY CHURCH OF GOD located at No 23 Arochukwu street and HEAVENLY REDEEMED CHRISTIAN CHURCH.

Abia Facts Newspaper learnt that this drug activities have attracted hoodlums, touts and criminals to that vicinity. We gathered that members of these churches close to the main base of the drug activities have suffered so many humiliations from the drug addicts.

Church members are constantly robbed of their belongings like Phones, Wristwatches, Money and so many other valuable items.  We also lament that they have experienced constant intimidation by the sellers of the drugs using the drug addicts whenever they complain.

Recently, these drugs addicts and criminals now go to Umuwaya road to snatch valuable items from passerby’s and run into their base in Arochukwu road to shield themselves from arrest.

This is the right time for the state government to act using the police to dislodge these criminals to avoid more dangerous trend and reduce crime in the state capital.


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