Since the emergence of the Kwara born medical doctor turned politician, Dr. Bukola Saraki as the president of the  Nigerian senate in 2015 in a manner that fatally bruised the ego of some power hawks in the ruling APC, trounced their highfalutin and eventually dashed their hope and orchestrated plan of installing an anointed candidate for the number three job in the land, the seat has not only been iron hot for the two term Kwara governor but laced with thorns of agony, cup overflowing with trials, deliberate provocation and open disrespect for the senate as a body.
The frosty relationship birthed by this 1-0 loss against the executive and powers that be in the ruling party marked the starting point in the history of the peevishness and disenchantment of this marriage of strange bed fellows so early in the day, whose primary agenda was to clinch to power with all the Machiavellian means deployed. At a time when their jolliment should be on a high swing and the honeymoon still fresh, having formed a coat of many colours with the coming together three and half political parties and a fraction of PDP they call nPDP and defeated a common enemy, Goodluck Jonathan and PDP, that was a time APC chose to mire itself into a conflict of interest and squabble for fatter national cake, giving their “change” slogan an evil connotation while Nigerians watch in utter disgust and helplessness.
In a desperate effort to score an equalisation goal, the federal government in a manner green with fiery bitterness, political victimisation and witch hunt in September 2015 coupled up some trumped up charges of false assets declaration against Saraki, not minding that the general interest of all Nigerians would be relegated to the background while the persecution lingers and our resources wasted in this wild goose chase. Thank God the Supreme Court has after 1018 days discharged Senator Saraki of all the charges leveled against him.
The institution of the Senate soon became a body to deride and flagrantly disobey by the appointees of the president as a way of paying Saraki in his own side of the coin. The CG Customs, a retired Colonel recycled into a strategic revenue generating agency like the Customs soon became too high for the office he occupied and defied all instructions to appear before the hallowed chamber in uniform.
With a baggage of questionable integrity and mind boggling indictment brought against the EFCC Chairman Ibrahim Magu by DSS, the president looked the other way. The Inspector General of police, Ibrahim Idris has metamorphosed into a law himself as he disobeys even the president that appointed him.
To say that the APC has played the role of the both the ruling party and the opposition is to put it mildly. In the senate for instance, members of the ruling party have played opposition role even more than the opposition themselves. The dissenting voices in the red chamber of the National Assembly always emanate from the members of the ruling APC.
This may not be unconnected as to why Senator Dino Melaye of Kogi West is currently battling to explain his innocence over allegations of gun running and banditry leveled against him by the police. He has openly been critical of the president and his party.
The fragmentation within the APC led it to run foul of its own law by its failure to hold congress more than one year later than it should have done. Concomitantly, they couldn’t continue running from their own shadows and postponing the unavoidable evil days.
The Tinubu-led reconciliatory committee couldn’t make much progress for the simple reason that Tinubu himself was a figure to reconcile. Expecting the Lagos former governor to restore calm in the wobbling APC and get it ready for convention was akin to squeezing water out of stone, making it a failed project before it started.
The unaddressed agitations of neglect and deliberate relegation to the background by some nPDP and other members of the ruling party has finally delivered its pregnancy. The name of the child is Reformed APC (rAPC). One would have thought that the president would roll out a mechanism to address or at least to massage the ego of these aggrieved members of the party. Rather, all the president could do was to discard them as “non threat”.
With the emergence of Oshiomhole as the Chairman of a fractured and fractionalised ruling party both at the centre and nearly all the states, a man with no track record of diplomacy, crisis resolution and control, the future of the party will only be bleaker. There is a significant difference between a labour union and a political party. His over hyped success in the NLC cannot be used to measure his performance in the enormity of the task of carrying everyone along and ensuring the victory of the party ahead of him.
With the supposed reconciliator stoking more fury with disparaging and unguarded utterances against the Buba Galadima-led rAPC, a well known political strategist, former national secretary of the defunct CPC and a long time ally of the president, Oshiomhole might just set a record of the last chairman of the APC. If he truly thinks these are disgruntled elements who are in politics to harvest bread and butter as he opined, why did he meet with the House of Reps causus of the Reformed APC?
The APC as described by Buba Galadima since 2015 has been a monumental disaster and has surpassed whatever ill it accused the PDP of. They started by denying all their campaign promises generating employment for our teeming unemployed youths, home grown school feeding for our children, N5000 monthly to poor Nigerians, enhancement of power generation, transmission and distribution and everything a government should stand for.
In security, the party has not only shown lack of capacity to protect Nigerians but has been accused of shielding the aggressors that perpetually kill and maim our people. Our land has been dotted with mass graves. Overflowing with the blood of the innocents and Benue, Adamawa, Zamfara, Plateau and Kaduna, others counting the death of their loved ones.
Its anti corruption campaign has largely been a persecution against perceived political enemies while the corruption within the party is incubated and nurtured.
The ruling party must bear in mind that it has totally lost whatever goodwill it pontificates to have had in 2015. With the monumental disappointment Nigerians have suffered under it in the past three years, the fate of the party hangs in the balance and the future uncertain.
Nigerians have lost hope of enhanced and improved living standard under APC. If their broom still has the efficacy of sweeping off any social ill, they should deal with insecurity and the mindless killing of our people by some blood thirsty marauders. The voters will next year decide if APC and president Muhammadu Buhari deserve another term in office or whether they should be excused, having been dwarfed and suffocated by the problems they claimed to have solutions to.
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