For a long time, I have watched Abia North Senatorial District from the sideline and I have wondered what will become of this district after 2019 election. Will this district continue to have a senator who all he has as his strength are sweet words or will this district give power to someone who has been tested with the highest position in Abia State and he failed or will this district want to try a new person?

No gain saying, Abia North Senatorial District has suffered a lot, we have had a governor whose focus was only in the development of his community Igbere neglecting other sections of Abia North, we have had senators whose impact have not been felt at all, who have not attracted any landmark project except for Senator Ike Nwachukwu who attracted a power project still under construction in Isuikwuato LGA after years of his leaving office.

My only concern is that I am from a remote village in Abia North, my village have suffered massively in terms of infrastructural development, my village lacks every form of government presence and my village is close to Igbere in bende LGA.

People will wonder why I am not calling out the name of my village, the reason is simple, I do not want any form of influence on me, I do not want phone calls from anyone, I want to remain anonymous in this my write ups that are meant to sensitize Abia North people.

Before I started writing, I called Mr Emenike Iroegbu, the Publisher of Abia Facts Newspaper and extracted from him the commitment of my remaining anonymous and he too assured me of my anonymous nature but maintain that my material must be 0% libelous and that publication is at their discretion.

From the UK where I am based, once a politician has failed in previous political position, he or she disappears from the political landscape because no politician will want to relate or have anything in common with that person to avoid political failure. But in Nigeria where things are turned upside down, it is different, in fact these politician graduate from failed politicians to king makers or even get into other political officers.

This is really appalling and completely out of place. This is the major reason why nothing is working in Nigeria, this is the reason why nothing will work in the nearest future because when failed politicians get into other political position what new thing do we expect from them other than more failures.

Remember, the three most prominent aspirants at the moment are, the incumbent Senator Mao Ohuabunwa, Dr Orji Uzor kalu (former governor of Abia State) and Chief Dr. David Ogba Onuoha Bourdex.

Let me start by discussing Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu, off course a respected Abian in his own right, a former governor of the state and a prominent Nigerian.

But, let me now ask, what justification does Dr. Orji Uzor kalu have to contest for Abia North Senatorial seat?

Is it that he governed Abia State wonderfully well from 1999 – 2006?

Is it that they are projects we can point to and say it was constructed by him?

Is it that when he was governor he took care of Abia North apart from Igbere?

Abians can still point to Sam Mbakwe’s landmark projects?

What exactly can we point to justify his intention to run for the Senate seat of Abia North Senatorial District?

As governor, he could not do anything tangible for Abia North, what can he now do in the senate when he does not have the power of the purse?

The reason I am asking this question is because I do not see any tangible reason or justification why Dr. Orji Uzor kalu should contest for this senate seat. I am not surprised why Abia North people have rejected him two times he has attempted it.

But, I am completely disappointed that few people still following him about and supporting him. What kind of hallucination are these people suffering from? Biko, someone should tell me.

I don’t have any personal issue with Dr. Orji Uzor kalu, I am not a politician, I am an IT guy based in the UK. But before I traveled out of Nigeria, I was around during OUK’s government and everybody knows what happened.

We all know what played out during OUK’s government, it is an open secret. People of Abia North, do we want such to repeat itself again?

If that is what we desire, fine. But if that is not what we desire, then we must all come out to reject OUK completely.

During OUK’s government, he was busy developing Igbere, but close communities like mine was abandoned and he wants our vote. No brother.

At the moment, OUK is in court facing financial misappropriation case and he is still contesting for election. It is true that he has not being convicted or exonerated, but in more refined countries he should not even contest any election until he is cleared from the charges.


To be continued…


Okorie kalu is an IT expert based in Manchester in United Kingdom.



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